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Covid-19 Delta Variant; Is It A Worry For Americans

Experts are issuing warnings against the new variant of the coronavirus, the delta variant that is spreading in the United Kingdom.

The rise of this new variant of the coronavirus is worrying the health experts amidst the ongoing relaxation of restrictions in the US.

Covid-19 Delta Variant; Is It A Worry For Americans

The delta variant or B.1.617.2, was first observed in India, after which it has spread to more than 60 countries across the globe.

Presently, in the United Kingdom, more than 60% of the new covid-19 cases are caused by the delta variant of the virus.

Covid-19 Delta Variant; Is It A Worry For Americans

Prevalence of the delta variant in the US:

Presently in the US, the delta variant of the virus is responsible for 6% of the new covid cases. 

However, according to the data of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in some states, the delta variant accounts for more than 18% of the new covid cases.

Symptoms of infection caused by the delta variant:

An associate professor of emergency medicine and international health at the John Hopkins University, and Bloomberg School of Public Health, Dr. Bhakti Hansoti, states that the delta variant of the virus exhibits the same symptoms as that of the original strain of coronavirus, just in a more severe form.

Hansoti further adds that in case of infection caused by the delta variant, loss of hearing, severe stomach pain, and nausea were observed in the patients.

In most of the cases, the patients were more likely to develop acute conditions, require urgent hospitalization and oxygen treatment, in most instances they also suffered from many other health complications.

How much threat it possesses for the US:

Experts believe that the new variant of the virus does not pose much threat to individuals who have received both the shots of the vaccination.

Public Health England carried out a new study that shows that the two doses of the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine showed 88% effectiveness against the symptomatic cases of delta variant infection.

It was also observed that the rate of hospitalization and deaths due to infection caused by delta variant were also significantly less for individuals who had received both doses of the vaccination.

However, it was noted that for those who received only one dose of the vaccine, it showed only 33% effectiveness against the symptomatic disease of the delta variant.

On the basis of such observations, Hansoti states that those who have not yet received the second dose of the vaccination are still very much susceptible to falling sick to the new variant of the virus.

According to the CEO of e7 Health, a health care and wellness company, Jonathan Baktari, that the delta variant of the virus shows why getting both the shots of the vaccination is needed to achieve complete protection against the virus.

How did the new variant emerge;

According to the statement of the CDC, the new variant of the coronavirus is a result of a change in the genes of the virus.

Mutations randomly occur within the genetic makeup of the virus every time it undergoes a mutation.

The CDC has listed 9 variants of the virus that is currently under the monitoring of CDC.

What causes health experts to worry:

According to Baktari, the biggest threat associated with the delta variant is that it is capable to infect easily and rapidly.

He draws a comparison to a sticky object, like if one individual in a room talks or sneezes, the others in close proximity are likely to contract it.

The virus gets released by aerosol spread and can stick to the next person with ease causing infection.

Controlling the spread in the US:

As per the recommendations of Baktari, the easiest way to stop the spread of the virus is to get vaccinated and wait for the stipulated two weeks time for it to become active.

In case a person feels sick, he should keep a close watch on his symptoms and remain indoors.

He further adds that combating the virus by attaining herd immunity is the key to checking the spread of the virus in the US.

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