Covid-19 Hospitalizations Across The US At Highest Level

More than 125,300 covid-19 remained hospitalized, setting a record for the fourth day in a row across the country. The pandemic continues to ravage several states of the country, and many leaders are worried that January will be difficult for public health care.

Several hospitals have seen a huge increase in the number of new infections and deaths in the last week. Most of it was driven by the gatherings and travel during the Thanksgiving event. The health authorities have warned that a similar spike can be seen in the next few weeks due to the Christmas holiday travel.

According to the reports coming from the TSA, more than 10 million people traveled across the country during the Christmas holiday season. This is a huge increase in the pandemic situation, and health experts are worried that it can lead to disastrous consequences in January.

Covid-19 Hospitalizations Across The US At Highest Level

The CDC has already indicated that close to 200,000 people may die due to the covid-19 pandemic in the next two months. As of now, the country has seen more than 330,000 deaths due to pandemic in 2020.

In some states like Georgia, convention centres have started to accept patients, and they have made provisions for additional beds to ensure that hospitals are not overburdened due to covid-19 patients.

The situation is similar in California, and the state is running out of ICU beds that are critical to treating covid-19 patients.

According to health experts, the winter season is a busy season for hospitals even without the covid-19 pandemic. Many patients are getting hospitalized due to other health conditions, and the covid-19 situation has only made things worse in the last few weeks.

According to the latest data available from the health department, more than 90% of the ICU beds are currently used by covid-19 patients in several States. This is presenting a scary situation, and the authorities are worried that things would go out of hand in the next month.

Millions of Americans decided to spend time away from home during the Christmas holidays. Even after getting strict warnings from the CDC and state health authorities, most people continued to travel during the pandemic, and this can result in a huge spike in the number of new infections in the near future.

The vaccine distribution is going on at a steady pace, and experts are of the opinion that things can improve further in the next few weeks.

The initial pace was very less as the number of people trained to handle covid-19 vaccines were very less, and the authorities had to spend some time to train more people to handle the vaccine.

As of now, the vaccines are being administered to elderly people and those who are in critical conditions apart from the Frontline health workers.

According to the CDC, teachers and other essential workers will be given the vaccine in the next phase. The second phase of the mass vaccination program is likely to begin in February once the vaccine supply improves across the country.

The federal authorities have distributed more than 12 million vaccine doses across the country and close to 3 million doses have been administered among them.

According to Fauci, the vaccination program will reach its peak in April, and a majority of Americans are likely to get vaccinated by summer 2021.

This is an optimistic target, and the Federal government is likely to achieve this as the vaccine manufacturers are improving the production capacity in the next few weeks.

Apart from that, few other companies are in their final stages of clinical trials, and they may also get approval from the FDA in the next few months. This will also help the authorities to vaccinate more people in the next few months.

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