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COVID 19 Hospitalizations Declining, Vaccine-Hesitancy To Cost Dearly

Some States have good news for the country. COVID 19-related hospitalizations are declining. But they warn of consequences if people refuse to get inoculated against the virus. 

The Governor of Kentucky announced on Thursday during a press briefing that hospitalizations and ICU admissions due to COVID 19 are declining since last week. This is the result of more and more people receiving their shots against the disease.  It is the effect of them masking up, he said. Even then, the overall number of hospitalizations in the State is quite high. And it may come back to its earlier stage at any time.

COVID 19 Hospitalizations Declining, Vaccine-Hesitancy To Cost Dearly

On the same day, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan informed the State that the test positivity rate in the State has declined 20% in the previous month. Hospitalizations have come down up to 60% from the last peak. Georgia too has a similar announcement to make. But he expects the next surge within a short time. He requested that everyone should get vaccinated at the earliest opportunity. The State should expect a winter peak.

As per a CDC forecast, the number of deaths will come down in the country in the coming 28 days. The agency still maintains the same prediction even in the third week. This is a ray of hope for the country. The Delta strain is still rampant in the nation. But at present, over 2000 people lose their lives to COVID 19. The daily average of new infections is 114,000.

COVID 19 Hospitalizations Declining, Vaccine-Hesitancy To Cost Dearly

A few more people will die from COVID 19, warns West Virginia Governor. The only thing he can do today is to request everyone to receive their shots against the virus.

Almost 55% of the country’s population is fully protected at present. And no one knows how many should receive their shots to curb the pandemic. According to some, it may mean the entire country.

Officials are doing everything in their power to vaccinate as many people as they can. Hospitals, schools, and businesses are issuing vaccine mandates. And FDA has given emergency use authorization for Pfizer vaccine booster doses.

An increasing number of parents say that they will vaccinate their 5-11-old children if one is available. The number of supporters for such a vaccine is increasing with every passing month.

There are also those who say that they will not vaccinate their children. No company has requested authorization for a vaccine for children until now. FDA and CDC say that they are waiting for such an attempt.

Authorities are issuing vaccine mandates among healthcare workers. And the deadline for California is Thursday. They have to complete their vaccination by that day to continue in their jobs. Otherwise, they should acquire an exemption on the basis of their sincerely held religious beliefs. Those evading the vaccination, however, submit to regular testing done twice a week.

In the first weeks of this month, President Biden had urged all large-scale businesses to issue vaccine mandates. Companies will have to pay a fine for each staff in the instance of failure to comply. Biden also expanded the requirement to all those who receive benefits from Medicare or Medicaid. The mandate applies to long-term care facilities and other healthcare settings.

There is sufficient time before the requirements come into effect. But employers are advised to be prepared for it this year.

The States like New York are issuing such mandates with stringent deadlines. According to NY Governor, no hospital is closed because of staff shortage. She has even signed an executive order to expand the State’s healthcare force to address staff shortages.

Till Monday, most of the healthcare professionals, up to 92% have received at least the first dose of an mRNA vaccine. Authorities are considering the expansion of vaccine mandates to facilities not in direct control of the State like correctional facilities.

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