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COVID 19 Hospitalizations In Florida 13% Higher Than The Previous Peak Of July!

Hospitalizations due to COVID 19 are 13% higher than the previous peak of July 23, 2020, says Florida Hospital Association. It expects up to 60% of its hospitals to face a critical situation within one week.

At present, there are 11,515 COVID 19 patients in hospitals all over the State. 84% of patient beds and 86.5% of intensive care unit beds are already filled. Among those who are hospitalized, 21% are in ICU and 13% require ventilator support.

The current trend of a steady increase in hospitalizations is definitely worrying. But patients from nursing homes and long-term care centers comprise just 3% of the total number of hospitalizations. This brings one thing to light. The State’s attempt to vaccinate its vulnerable population is seeing results

COVID 19 Hospitalizations In Florida 13% Higher Than The Previous Peak Of July!.

The data FHA published comes from the hospitals that completed a survey by August 2nd. That includes 80% of the State’s acute care centers. The Statewide information released was taken from the federal Department of Health and Human Services.

Last week, one-third of every new Coronavirus infection reported in the country came from two States, Florida and Texas. Most of the cases were from areas where the rate of vaccination is quite low.

COVID 19 Hospitalizations In Florida 13% Higher Than The Previous Peak Of July!

Are you a Floridian planning to receive the jab? If yes, here are answers to some of the questions you may have about it:

  1. I had COVID 19 and am recovered. Should I receive the shot against it?

The simple answer to this question is yes. You should receive your jab against this infection even if you had COVID 19 and have recovered. Experts don’t know how long you stay protected after falling ill with it. Even though the possibility is rare, you may get re-infected with the virus in the future. Data shows that vaccination protects your body from Coronavirus for a long. If you were being treated with monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma, you may have to wait for three months before getting vaccinated.

  • Are the vaccines safe for children?

Vaccines are definitely safe for children. They are manufactured under the safest surroundings the country can avail. If your child is above 12 years of age, getting vaccinated is the safest and wisest option.

Your child may experience certain side effects. It may even affect his ability to do daily activities. But they are minor and go on their own after a while.

  • Why should my child receive vaccination?

Vaccines against COVID 19 protect your child from falling ill because of it. It is true that the infection does not make children seriously ill. But if infected, they have the ability to spread it to others. And it may cause trouble for vulnerable people. Pfizer shot is the only one available for children above 12 years at present.

  • Should I wear a mask if I am fully vaccinated?

If you are fully vaccinated, you don’t have to wear a mask. You can engage in all activities as you had before the pandemic began. But you may have to abide by the rules or regulations your local authorities or private firms may have in place. Fully vaccinated people are mostly safe.

  • Do I have the freedom to choose a vaccine?

Yes, you have. All vaccines work against COVID 19. And CDC does not prefer anyone to the other. The only requirement is to get the shot at the earliest. Vaccination is the only way out of this pandemic.

You should also know that one vaccine may cause a rare condition named thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome. It happens very rarely and affects mostly women in the age range of 18-49. There are other choices for which blood clots have not yet been reported as the one from Pfizer or Moderna.

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