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Single-Day COVID 19 Hospitalizations Reach Record High In Arkansas, Only 8 ICU Beds Available

 Arkansas reported almost 1000 new Coronavirus infections and 100 hospitalizations this Monday.

The State of Arkansas witnessed a record spike in the number of single-day hospitalizations on 9th August. And there are only eight ICU beds available at present in the Entire State.

As per the reports available, 100 coronavirus patients were hospitalized the day before yesterday. With this, the total number became 1376. Among them, 286 people require intubation.  The governor tweeted that the numbers are alarming. And it is more than the previous peak it witnessed. He also added that there are only eight more ICU beds available in the State.

Single-Day COVID 19 Hospitalizations Reach Record High In Arkansas

The pandemic is raging through the State. And the Governor is now pleading with the general public to get vaccinated at the earliest. Vaccination reduces hospitalization to a great extent.

Data available with the State reveals that almost 43% of its vaccination-eligible population is fully vaccinated. 13% have received the first dose. 91% of the new Coronavirus infections are among the unvaccinated people. The same is the case in the matter of hospitalizations, 93%. The number of deaths shows a similar trend. 91% is happening among those unvaccinated.

Single-Day COVID 19 Hospitalizations Reach Record High In Arkansas,

Recently, the Governor had signed low prohibiting State entities from issuing mask mandates. But he expressed his regret about the decision last week. During a press briefing, the Governor said that he wished that the prohibition should not have become the law.

Last week, a court blocked any attempt at issuing a mask mandate.

Almost all states in the US are offering incentives to those who decide to receive their shot against COVID 19. Here is a shortlist:

  1. Arkansas

Employees of the Executive branch state agency who receive at least one dose of the vaccine will get a bonus of $100.

From May 26th, those Arkansans who get vaccination are eligible for a $20 Arkansas Game and Fish certificate for fishing or hunting. The person may even receive a $20 lottery which may bring millions of dollars.

  • Alabama

The Alabama Department of Public Health organized a TikTok contest among those in the age range of 13-29 to promote vaccination among them. People can upload their Tiktok videos between July 16 and August 6. A panel of advertising experts will choose four winners. Each one will get a visa gift card of $250. Talladega Superspeedway also is offering those who choose to receive their shots the excitement of driving their car on its 2.66-mile track.

  • California

From Thursday, 2000000 Californians completing their vaccination will receive a $50 virtual prepaid card or gift card for Kroger or Albertsons. The offer is available only until supplies are there.

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  • Colorado

The State Department of Correction will offer $500 to its more than 6000 employees who choose to get vaccinated.

The Colorado Lottery plans to conduct a weekly draw for the Colorado Department of Health & Environment for a price that may fetch millions in money. Anyone above 18 who meets the eligibility requirements automatically enters the lottery.

Students studying in the State are eligible for a weekly scholarship draw of $50000. The offer is available for five weeks. One student will receive a scholarship every week. Anyone in the age bracket of 12-17 who has received at least the first shot is eligible for the draw.

  • Connecticut

The State Restaurant Association is collaborating with the State in its efforts to encourage vaccination. They offer complimentary drinks to their vaccinated persons from May 19. There are numerous other such programs across the State.

  • Delaware

Delaware is offering five days of good time credit, free video visits a special meal, or the opportunity to be the first during in-person visitations for those inmates who get vaccinated.

The other States to are offering such programs. They may vary based on the requirements of the time.

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