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The Number Of COVID 19 Hospitalizations Surges Again, But With A Difference

The number of COVID 19 hospitalizations is on the rise consistently for almost one month. If one can believe the trends, the US will likely exceed its previous high of January. Every day, 2500 new patients are hospitalized.

Louisiana and Florida stand at the highest end of the ladder in this regard. They are reporting a record number of hospitalizations each day. Several others are close behind. Mississippi and Arkansas are reporting 87% more hospitalizations than the previous peak. Oregon, Alabama and Washington are just behind them; with 75% increase.

The Number Of COVID 19 Hospitalizations Surges Again

Most of the recent hospitalizations, however, come from the younger generation. And almost all of them are unvaccinated. Accessing vaccination is a breeze in the US at present. Thus if people had taken the right decision earlier, the country could have avoided this surge.

The Number Of COVID 19 Hospitalizations Surges Again, But With A Difference

One hospital in Missouri broke its own record two times this week in the number of patients admitted. It also notes the difference in the scenario.

In recent days, it admitted three patients in their thirties, a large number of patients in their 40’s and a certain number of patients in their 50’s and 60 are requiring ventilators.

The hospital saw its first peak in November. At that time, COVID 19 was mostly a disease of the elderly. But it is different at present. It is seeing younger patients in large numbers. There are admissions from among the elderly. But the numbers are small when compared with the influx of those in their 30’s and 40’s. The rate of hospitalizations is still high among the elderly. But the gap is narrowing at an alarmingly fast pace.

Recently, hospitalizations among those above 70’s are only 25% of the same as a whole. But the numbers among those aged 30-39 is now as high as that of the previous peak. The same is happening among children. The number of hospitalizations among those below 18 is the highest nowadays. In the States like Georgia, the number of hospitalizations among children has become the double of the last week.

This new trend, according to experts, is a cause of concern. Everyone above 12 is eligible for COVID 19 vaccination at present.

In the early stages of the pandemic, there were no tools to curb the pandemic. Doctors did not know what they did for their patients was right. But at present, there is a very powerful tool, vaccination. Vaccines are also effective in preventing severe illness, hospitalization and death. No vaccine available at present prevents the virus. But they do stop severe illness. The country in general, however, is still hesitant to receive its shots against the virus.

Officials can understand their reluctance. And they are comparing vaccines with dams. COVID 19 is a flood. What doctors were doing with their medicines was to take out a few cups of water from the flood. Vaccines, on the other hand, stand like dams. They are capable of doing much more than what healthcare professionals did earlier.

All the States with a high rate of hospitalizations lag behind with regard to vaccination. And it is adding pressure to the healthcare mechanism that has been functioning in its full capacity for more than a year.

The country felt that it had overpowered the virus in a small way. But it is back as it was earlier, during the first phase of the pandemic. The confusion it has on the families of those hospitalized is understandable. But the stress it is having on the staff caring for them is more than what they can manage.

Health officials still maintain, vaccines are highly effective against the virus. They are the only ways available for the nation to stop the virus on its track.

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