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Los Angeles: COVID 19 Hospitalizations Are More Than Double In One Week

New Coronavirus infections are beginning to explode in Los Angeles County, health officials say. The number of new infections was 2,600 on Saturday. The day before that, it was more than 3000. This is happening for the first time after February. The number on Friday was triple than what was reported in the last two weeks. Over 60% of the adult population of the county is fully vaccinated. If not, the numbers would be double what they are seeing now, experts say.

The number of hospitalizations is too on the rise. Yesterday alone, more than 680 people were hospitalized. This is double what was two weeks earlier.

Los Angeles: COVID 19 Hospitalizations Are More Than Double In One Week

Misinformation is the toughest challenge health officials are facing when it comes to vaccination. Others don’t trust the government. They feel that it is hiding the truth. It is not telling them the truth about the safety of the vaccines. But scientists exhort people to trust them. It is their doctor, their own nurse or their own neighborhood that reassuring them about the efficacy of the jabs.

Health experts all over the country are now striving to inoculate as many people as possible. This deserves utmost importance when the Delta variant is causing havoc everywhere. In certain parts of the country, indoor mask mandates and other safety protocols are back. Authorities inform that the restrictions will be in place until the number of new infections declines.

Los Angeles: COVID 19 Hospitalizations Are More Than Double In One Week

Delta variant, in the meantime, is raging in the US. According to scientists, it is highly contagious and dangerous. According to CDC, 83% of the infections for the past two weeks happened to be of the Delta variant. Numbers continue to rise. By this weekend, the seven-day average for the country has been 49,300. This is 60% higher than that of the previous week. It is also four times higher than the average when it was the lowest in the country this year. All the States in the country reported an increase in numbers for the weekend.

Pre-emptive vaccination is the key to curbing the virus, warn health experts. But as per the data available with the CDC, the pace of vaccination remains slow in the country at present. The daily average of vaccination is now the lowest from January when the country began to speed up its vaccination program.

30 States are yet to fully vaccinate even 50% of its population. In Mississippi, it is 35%. 

The Governor of Alabama is already blaming the unvaccinated people for the current surge in infections. They should have common sense, he says. It is they who are letting the State suffer like this, not the general public. With this slow pace of vaccination, they will have to restore the COVID 19 safety protocols, officials say. CDC’s update on mask mandate remains the same. But the agency has authorized States to take safety measures as and when required. Communities can decide based on the situation therein. If the rate of vaccination in an area is low, if it is seeing a surge in Delta variant, its residents have to wear masks.

Certain health officials recommend a mask mandate even among fully vaccinated people. This is because of the surge of infections the country is witnessing in recent weeks.

The constantly changing updates are causing problems. Even health providers are fully aware of it. But they have to observe the current scenario and offer the most realistic guidelines possible.

Many of the counties in the country are bringing back the indoor mask mandates. Missouri and Los Angeles are just two among them to mention.

The Governor of Texas, on the other hand, prohibited the State from bringing any such requirement.

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