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Covid-19 Infection Has Long Term Symptoms

While vaccines hit the market and most of the states are getting their adult populations immunized, the government is pretty sure of lifting a lot of restrictions in the United States. However, the relaxed atmosphere may lead to some respite, but it also requires us to be more vigilant with newer threats. If the mutation of the Coronavirus is known to be a new threat, then it is something that is going to be one of the many threats. A less known threat has come up where symptoms of infected people have been found to continue over long periods of time. 

Covid-19 Infection Has Long Term Symptoms

After the vaccination drive, the daily new cases is estimated to 28K new cases in a weekly average and this would be 19% drop than the number in the previous week -data coming in from the United State’s Centre for Disease Control. According to a study published in JAMA Network on Wednesday, it is speculated that patients of Covid-19 will always have a minimum of one symptom for the long term, which affects their performance in the normal living.

Covid-19 Infection Has Long Term Symptoms

The analysis was based upon 45 studies that followed around 9751 patients and showed that the situation of diagnosis, hospital admission or symptom onset happened even after 60 days of the infection symptoms disappeared in the first instance. The study was undertaken by Stanford University. It also found that around 40% of the patients experienced fatigue, 36% experienced shortness of breath and 25% reported brain fog or the inability to concentrate. 

“We had no data on individuals who got Covid-19 and simply went about their day, so we don’t want to cause a lot of alarm with the value of 73% of people experiencing long-term outcomes,” Tahmina Nasseri, a Ph.D. scholar of epidemiology & population health at Stanford University and also the lead author of the analysis, told CNN. “We want people to understand that these are mainly hospitalized, so we can only generalize our findings for that particular population.” The national clinical laboratory LabCorp has been studying the development of immunity in Covid-19 patients and has been watching the growth of antibodies in the patients. According to this study, scientists have revealed that once a patient is infected with Covid-19, the antibodies are developed within three weeks. The efficacy of the antibodies stays till about ten months. The antibodies go through very little decay even after ten months of recovery. Almost 90% of the patients studied had developed these antibodies naturally and did not have a rebound. Further on, the long term symptoms may have stayed but did not affect the efficacy of these antibodies or their function in preventing a return of the infection. 

The discussion on vaccinated individuals needing boosters would, therefore, hold ground here. The vaccines are going to help one in present times with a huge set of antibodies in place to help your body fight any infection by Coronavirus or its mutant. The boosters will be needed after the decay of antibodies start and the time period that needs to be determined regarding the frequency of the booster doses will be determined on the study of antibody function from natural coronavirus infection. Needless to say, the care of children is of paramount importance today. THEREFORE, the US population is waiting for a massive change in health routines and adolescents and children are the next population that needs extra care and protection from the disease, given the fact that the third wave of the disease might be affecting the children most. While schools and caregiving centres are scheduled to open up soon, adequate masking ad vaccination is a must for the little ones to be safe in the near future.  

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