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COVID-19 ‘Large Numbers Of Patients Will Develop Complications’

In recent studies conducted in the UK, on patients who were hospitalized with Covid-19, staggering results have been obtained. Approximately half of the patients have developed complications. The complication rate has been noted as quite high, irrespective of age and pre-existing health conditions.

COVID-19 ‘Large Numbers Of Patients Will Develop Complications’

The various issues that came up are kidney-related or related to other important organs like liver, heart, or neurological. About 30 percent of the recovered patients were not able to take care of themselves well. Thus, it may lead to a societal burden or increased dependency on immediate family members. 

COVID-19 Large Numbers Of Patients Will Develop Complications

COVID-19 – The Disease And Its Implications

The disease caused by SARS- CoV-2 causes respiratory distress. This is not alien to anyone at present. However, individuals who have other co-morbidities are at a greater risk of illness. In very cases of COVID-19, an over-active immune response may occur. It can cause damage to other parts of the body as well.

There may be other complications related to the blood, kidneys, eyes, brain, skin, heart, and GI. Current data, which has been released on mortality rates in Covid-19 patients hospitalized in the U.K. It shows that roughly 26 percent of patients die of the disease. However, there is a lack of data, as to why this happens. The other reasons, like medical insufficiency, lack of oxygen, and lack of resources pertaining to medical facilities. 

Various Medical Institutions in the UK have collaborated lately to find out the ill effects of the disease and related factors. The studies have taken into account other factors like age, sex, and medical background. Additionally, the findings have appeared in The Lancet.

The studies were conducted across 300 UK medical centers. Almost 80,000 patients were involved in the study as participants. The age of the patients was 19 years and above. Moreover, the average age of the patients was around 71 years. The majority of patients were males.

Almost 81 percent had underlying complications. The study conducted on these patients also included other disease manifestations like respiratory issues, kidney issues, cardiovascular issues, and gastrointestinal issues. Nurses and medical students collect the data at regular intervals. The data is taken on the first day of admission at the hospital, the third day, the ninth day, and the 28th day of discharge. 

Surprising Findings Of The Study

The studies showed results that are astounding. About 30 percent of patients died within the period of the study itself. And, another 50 percent developed at least one complication.

27 percent of patients in the age group of 19-29 years, experienced at least one complication. And, almost 58 percent of patients in the age group above 60 years experienced at least one complication. The complications tend to increase with age. Co-authors of the study from the University of Edinburgh stated that almost all the patients were admitted with severe Covid symptoms. However, the complications rose with age. 

The most severe implications happened in the white, East-Asian, and South-Asian communities. In the Black members, the complication rate was quite high. The complications were noticed in the important organs of the body. They are the lungs, heart, GI tract, and brain.

If the patients practice poor self-care, the complications increase. The neurological outcomes are supposedly the worst. In the survivors, at least 27 percent of the patients had a decreased ability for self-care. 

More than 80,000 patients were included in the study. However, the data stands inconclusive now. At the time of the study, the other variants had not entered the population. It is seen from several areas, that the variants have a more profound effect on the patients today. So, further data and study is required to find out about the implications of the current strains. 

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