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COVID-19 Lockdowns – Is The Cure Worse Than The Disease?

So, lockdowns have now become a regular way of life. That is what many people believe. Critics are forever bombarding the authorities for closing sown businesses without notice for indefinite periods. The effects are supposedly larger than that of Covid-19 itself.

COVID-19 Lockdowns – Is The Cure Worse Than The Disease?

There are several restrictive measures in force, in various countries. However, do they help? Or the problem is deeper than what people gauge it to be? Moreover, Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on several developing countries like Brazil and India. It was because the people were not ready to face the subsequent waves of the attack. 

COVID-19 Lockdowns - Is The Cure Worse Than The Disease

It has been seen, that the effects of restrictive measures and lockdowns are more psychological than physical. It is also taking a toll on the health of the population, during the pandemic. Many people are missing out on important vaccinations other than that of Covid-19. There are patients who are keeping surgeries at bay. Mental health has also gone for a toss, amidst the pandemic. 

Staggering Mortality Rates

Most researchers have been checking the mortality rates of various countries. The data set includes the study of mortality rates in more than 94 countries from the beginning of 2020 till now. It defines ‘excess mortality as the difference between the actual number of deaths and the predicted mortality rate.

In a few countries, like Australia and New Zealand, the mortality rate was not so high as in the other countries. Moreover, the infection rate was also low. To say, in a few words, the cure is dangerous than the disease. The number of suicides to have increased. 

The same stories go for countries, like Taiwan, South Korea, and Thailand. There were fewer infections, but more lockdowns. This may have been a bit irrational. However, authorities believe it to be a precautionary measure. These countries experienced, very low mortalities. However, there are countries, like Russia, Brazil, and Sweden, that recorded a large number of cases, but fewer lockdowns. Perhaps, there might be a relation between the lockdowns with other casualties. 

Detrimental Effects On Health 

The research authors, specify that there have been situations in which the lockdowns had a detrimental effect on the psyche. It was both long-term as well as short-term. A study group in the U.K. found that an increase in heart attacks was observed during the first wave of Covid-19. However, it could not determine, if restrictive measures like lockdowns were at play.

Another study suggested that many cancer patients had been giving their screenings a miss. This could have led to cancer-related deaths. Moreover, many staff was re-allocated for Covid-ward duty. So, the reason could be a shortage of staff for other wards.

Many of the researchers have reached the conclusion that the various reasons encompass lack of staff, lack of screenings for other diseases, and psychological diseases, as the possible effects of the lockdowns. 

Specifics On Mental Health 

The researchers have further said that there is robust evidence, that government measures have not led to an increase in deaths and psychological stress. They also add that the government cannot be blamed for suicide either. However, it is true that the effects of the lockdowns and pandemics directly have impacted many people. The causes are intertwined. Moreover, much medical staff has lost members of their own families in the pandemic season.

The globe has lost almost one-third of the medical fraternity to Covid-19. There is research underway regarding the causative effects. However, in the international arena, data on the impact of long Covid remains missing. 

So, the results look a bit inconclusive. Lockdowns cannot be held responsible for the damages to society. 

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