Covid-19 Mask Mandate Lifted In Washington And New Mexico!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 21, 2022

Governor Jay Inslee has announced today that there will be no need for compulsory vaccination for significant jobs by March month. Inslee also announced by March 21 in Washington mask mandates will be lifted, and any person who wants to wear a mask can wear it for individual needs only. He also mentioned that mask mandates would be dropped inside and outside the school.

Covid-19 Mask Mandate Lifted In Washington And New Mexico!

Washington and New Mexico have announced now that they will lift the mask mandate. However, this leaves Hawaii the only state remaining to raise the mask mandate. Washington will drop the mask mandate by March 21, and New Mexico will bring this effect immediately in schools and child care facilities.

Covid-19 Mask Mandate Lifted In Washington And New Mexico!

Both states have seen a steady decline in Covid cases and hospitalization rates since the omicron surge in the last month. Michelle Lujan Grisham, Democratic Gov. cited reduced Covid 19 risk and removed her mask in a public conference along with democratic legislatures and top officials of her administration. She stated that the USA people are fighting constantly to conquer coronavirus. Hence, it is the perfect time for the general public who have been active for so long.

States like California have already lifted mask mandates and taken bold steps towards this pandemic. As Washington and New Mexico have dropped the mask mandate, Hawaii is the only state remaining to lift the mask mandate. It has brought major frustration and distress all along with the country because the vulnerable and millions of other Americans have no other option but to accept the government’s plan and move on with the virus.

Los Angeles County Unified School District decided to lift the requirement of mandatory masking while being outside. This will take place in the coming week. Institute for Health Metrics and evaluation estimates that 73% of Americans are now immune to the omicron coronavirus variant. The US has evaluated more than 78.3 million cases and 933,100 deaths, according to the data of John Hopkins University.

New York will no longer pressurize health care for taking the boosters mandatorily. Now, as the Covid rate gets steady, the dropping of mask mandates are all over the US. Moreover, they also allow individuals to choose the option of being vaccinated or not. They have uplifted vaccine mandates and booster mandates in various fields of work. Significant companies like Adidas have dropped compulsory vaccination of employees. Thus we can see the ease in the government’s approach towards this pandemic.

Utah joins California to live in a steady state of coronavirus. Utah officials have announced that Covid-19 must not be considered as a pandemic but just as a seasonal disease. The steady-state model will start by March 31. Mass testing sites and less frequently reporting Covid-19 case counts are the principal aim of the steady-state model.

It is related to the Californian Governor Newsom’s endemic approach to the pandemic. The plan aims to increase vaccination and testing, fight misinformation, stockpile medical supplies, and flood areas of virus surge. The plan also seeks to boost the state’s surveillance, including increased monitoring of virus remnants in water bodies and public surroundings. California ended indoor mask requirements for vaccinated people. Moreover, it will announce on Feb.28 how long mask mandates will be prevailing.

As the US government starts taking an alternate approach to the situation, the millions are in great danger. But the endemic way of approaching this pandemic situation can become an ideal way to fight unfavorable circumstances.

However, the people have no other way to accept the situation and move on. As vaccination mandates and mask mandates have been lifted, it has become quite clear that they are planning to live in a steady state of coronavirus. The new normal will gradually make the people return to the old situation when masks were not there.

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