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Covid-19 May Be The Cause Of Rising In Stillbirth Cases

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage on across the world, doctors and medical health professionals have found a number of cases where medical issues have arisen as a consequence of the Coronavirus. Due to the lack of vaccinations, more and more cases of the Covid-19 virus have arisen. The Covid-19 virus has not just attacked people’s immune systems but caused latent effects in other health-related situations.

Covid-19 May Be The Cause Of Rising In Stillbirth Cases

Many states in America particularly the Southern States have noticed a rise in the number of stillbirths. While these cases of stillbirths have increased enough to merit recognition from doctors and medical practitioners, the rise in cases is not seen on a national scale. On a national scale, the number of stillbirths is minimally affected but in states such as Alabama, there has been a noticeable increase in stillbirths.

Covid-19 May Be The Cause Of Rising In Stillbirth Cases

Dr. Akila Subramaniam who works as an associate professor at the University of Alabama Birmingham Division in the Department of Maternal-Fetal Medicine said that the rate of cases of stillbirths was as yet too low to establish any relations between the virus and the complications on pregnancies.

Dr. Subramaniam explained that so far reports of stillbirths and their relation to Covid-19 are unreliable as scientific evidence is required. Subramaniam explains that to assess the veracity of the claim that Covid-19 has prompted a rise in stillbirths, there must be a larger number of cases of stillbirths.

Mississippi which is known to have the highest infant mortality rate in America has recorded 72 cases of stillbirths that have occurred since the start of the pandemic. This number is double what is usually seen says Dr. Thomas Dobbs a health officer working for the state. Dobbs explains that this jump in the number of cases is tragic as it can be easily avoided.

Currently, only 39% of the total population in Mississippi have received the Covid-19 vaccine doses, an extremely low number as compared to vaccination rates in other parts of the country. Dr. Dobbs explains that in the majority of cases where stillbirths are seen, the mother has not received the Covid-19 vaccine.

One gets an idea of the potential dangers when one assesses the number of new cases that have arisen during the pandemic. According to Dr. Subramaniam, the rate of stillbirth cases is usually 2% at her facility. However, as the Covid-19 pandemic has progressed the rate of stillbirths has increased to anywhere between 3% to 6% during the pandemic.

On a national scale, the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention has reported 1% of stillbirths. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recorded 266 cases where pregnancy complications resulted in stillbirths. Without vaccinations, a large chunk of the population is vulnerable to the Coronavirus, primarily young people.

With the progression of the pandemic, the virus and its many variants pose a high threat to the public, especially to pregnant women. According to data recorded by the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there have been over 118,260 cases of Covid-19 found in pregnant women.

The chief of the Duke University Medical Center’s Division for Maternal-Fetal Medicine in North Carolina, Dr. Brenna Hughes commented on the current situation. She says that since the rate of young adults contracting the Covid-19 virus has increased, particularly among pregnant women, it is no wonder that there have been pregnancy complications and a rise in the number of stillbirths.

Dr. Hughes explains that infection with the Covid-19 virus could cause an effect on the baby’s oxygen supply. The lack of oxygen for the fetus could result in complications and maybe even stillbirths. Moreover, Dr. Hughes highlights the danger that Covid-19 could affect several aspects of a young mother’s health like her blood pressure.

Dr. Hughes explained that the body produces nitric oxide due to inflammation caused by an infection by the Coronavirus. This can in turn lead to reduced blood pressure. The drop in the pregnant woman’s blood pressure could have an adverse effect on the health of the baby. The fall in a young mother’s blood pressure due to Covid-19 could prevent sufficient blood from reaching the baby ultimately resulting in pregnancy complications.

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