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COVID-19 Cases In New York Rising Drastically

New York, one of the most fast-paced, happening, and exhausting cities in the world, is currently experiencing an uplift of Covid-19 cases as vaccination rates are on a slow rise as per the State’s current and latest data that was released on Saturday. Every day, about 525 people have been tested covid-19 positive for seven days through the week, in New York, on Friday, which makes it 369 people for the prior week.

COVID-19 Cases In New York Rising Drastically

The mentioned information shows that there has been an increase of 42% in Covid-19 cases. It still is unclear, to be, why many people in New York City are being tested positive during a time when fewer people are getting tested. The state’s Department of Health states that a higher percentage of cases have been linked to the more contagious variants. It is now pushing more people to get vaccinated. 

COVID-19 Cases In New York Rising Drastically

Delta, the new variant that has been detected in many countries, is now accounting for more than a quarter of the Covid-19 cases in New York. Delta has first been detected in India and is now around UK and Israel along with the USA.

Many of the cases in the mentioned countries are detecting the new variant, which is highly transmissible and dangerously sneaking into bodies creating havoc with increased hospitalizations and deaths. The new variant has notified not many deaths, but many youngsters and newborns are at absolute high risk with this new variant that’s in the air. 

Though cases are seen on a rise in parts of Long Island, New York City is capturing much of an increase. The health care centers have reported as many as 342 covid-19 cases as of Friday, and 340 cases were identified from last week. It is reported that 20 million New Yorkers, which makes it 55% of the population, are known to be completely vaccinated, up from nearly 48%. 

In parts of western and central New York, vaccination rates are witnessed to be the lowest: about one-third of the Allegany County residents are completely vaccinated. The number of cases in parts of New York City is also known to be lower, which is 43% of Bronx, and 45.5% of Brooklyn residents are also completely vaccinated. 

More about the Pandemic:

It is noticed that the new variant is sending younger patients, to hospitals, in various parts of the world. Many countries are suspecting a third-wave, which may be well-maintained as the world has been through this twice already. 

The vaccination centers are rapidly bringing people their vaccination jabs. Many people are now over with two vaccination doses, yet a part of the population is still not vaccinated.

It has also been seen that the new variant, Delta, has managed to push a few citizens of the world into getting vaccinated. Many countries have begun their vaccination drives, and few countries are working on providing door-to-door vaccination services. 

As we work together and move ahead during the global pandemic, not very global as of now, the health care centers and the medical industry are coming up with many easy-to-go test kits for people who cannot get their Covid-19 test done with ease.

There lies a test kit for people who want to get themselves a Covid-19 test. Hence, there is now a covid-19 test kit, one of them being Coviself, a rapid antigen test kit available in India. 

What We Must Do:

As we all know the safety measures by now and how we are all in this together, some of us are not dissolving and absorbing what’s happening around the world and how contagious and dangerous the new variant can be. It is highly requested for everyone to stay safe and masked up.  

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