Covid 19 May Not Boom After Holidays: Experts Says

Covid 19 May Not Boom After Holidays Experts Says

Covid and the positive case rates continue to change in the country’s situation. Viruses are spreading all over the world in different variants. The omicron surfaced in the United States at a rapid pace and spread like wildfire towards the end of 2021. Since then multiple omicron variants have been detected by experts in the country. 

In the next few days, people travel to meet their friends and family as the winter begins and after the holidays the chances of spreading the virus may increase.

Family Reunions May Increase Covid-19 After The Holidays, But Scientists Don’t Foresee A Boom

Family gatherings and parties may strengthen social networking which connects people to interact with each other. This can lead to a hike in the covid cases and the chance of people getting infected is unavoidable. Not only covid-19, but the seasonal change may also increase the spread of other viruses such as influenza or RSV.

Covid 19 May Not Boom After Holidays

The experts are concerned that the spread of such a virus may cause an uncontrollable shift in the health sector of the country. When we look at the history of pandemics there is always a low number of cases for a particular cause and the cases surge rapidly within a couple of weeks. 

The new variants are seen as more transmittable and they are increasingly gaining a proportion of the overall number of covid cases. So the variants are developing day to day.

The new variant occurs when there is a change or mutation happening to the virus’s genes. The studies indicate that all RNA viruses mutate over time, some less in number or some more than others. These variants are more likely to cause diseases.

The variant of SAR-CoV-2 merged and named omicron which is listed as a variant of concern. The super variant of the omicron transmits quickly. BQ.1 and its branch BQ.1.1 are descendants of BA.5 which have five to six key mutations.

The changes appearing in the variants result in their growth more quickly than BA.5. The experts have noted that in earlier 2022, BA.4 and BA.5 sub-variants seem to have the ability to elude some of the antibodies which were produced after infections, and vaccination.

The experts say that the omicron is not going to be the last variant, as long as there is covid-19 outbreak there is going to be something new to emerge in any part of the world. No one knows what happens with the BQ variants. Experts say that let’s hope to not see a big wave in the winter and upcoming days.

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The researchers say that there are reasons to worry about the people of the US because Americans are not that vaccinated or boosted when compared to other countries.  Two-thirds of the population completed the primary series of vaccines and only 11% are eligible to get an updated bivalent booster.

The CDS data shows that 89% of the American population over the age of 12 have completed the primary series and 70% have received their booster dose. The researchers indicate that it is more important to consider the vaccination rate of the country rather than any other factors in terms of variants affecting the people. 

The experts suggest that the country needs to take extra precautions to avoid any kind of activities that pave the way which results in the rise of new waves. The study and effect of the pandemic indicate getting booster vaccines to follow safety precautions such as using masks and sanitizers, and maintaining social distancing even when we gather for a feast with family and friends, especially in winter.

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