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COVID-19: Numbers Are Hopefully Reducing In U.S

Although the furious coronavirus pandemic remains vigorous across the country, new reports show that the daily average of the total number of cases has come down to 100,000 for the last few days. This is a turning point and the least number that have appeared months later. 

During last summer, the country faced a raging comeback of the pandemic after its attacks became milder in various parts of the country.

However, by last December, its attacks became even more aggressive and doubler than in the total number of contractions. 

COVID-19: Numbers Are Hopefully Reducing In U.S

Even though the reports are quite relieving, experts from various sectors warned on Sunday that the contractions are still higher, so the measures that have been taken to control and defeat the pandemic should remain in place. 

Numbers Are Hopefully Reducing In Us

According to the data from John Hopkins University, the average of COVID-19 infections was at 200,000 per week. After the post-holiday surge, this average hiked to 250,000 in January.

Currently, in February, the average gets reduced to less than 100,000 on Friday. It has been since November 4, the reports show a similar figure.

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr Rochelle Walensky said that the current average of contractions lies around 100,000 with a death toll between 1,500-3,500 per day.

These numbers are more than two-and-a-half-fold times that the country had over last summer, and though the numbers are at an extraordinary higher place it is encouraging to see them come down, she added.

The daily average of deaths is expected to keep falling since there is a significant reduction of hospital cases so far. Last fortnight’s report said that the number of COVID-related hospitalizations declined 27%. 

Walensky also shared the threat that the U.K variant and other strains of the coronavirus that have been discovered so far would probably lead to various other cases as well as deaths.

On which she said that we should continue all the precautions and mitigation measures against the virus and get vaccinated as soon as the availability of doses.  

The John Hopkin University’s data said that as of present, there have been 27.5 million cases of positivity reported in the country with a death toll of around 484,000. 

Walensky’s remarks have reflections to the present idea of school reopenings that it is important to continue to follow the preventive measures across the country.

She said that to decrease the community spread, responsibility should be taken across the country, including putting on masks so that the children’s routine and the society can be restored.

Since Biden took his office, his team has been battling against COVID-19. Top aides of Biden also said that his administration is using every tool to battle on every front.

Several new efforts and appeals also have been following as part of the mission to wipe out the pandemic from the country.

Currently, the administration is actively following the vaccination efforts. It is being administered in various schools, pharmaceutical plants, and stadiums to free the nation from the virus.

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