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Covid 19 Numbers Declining, But Doctors Warn Against Being Over-Confident

COVID 19 cases are on the decline. But health officials are warning against relaxing and inviting another surge.

Covid 19 Numbers Declining, But Doctors Warn Against Being Over-Confident

According to a renowned virus scientist, the country cannot act in over-confidence. Whenever it lets down its guard, it always sees another surge, from another strain of the virus.

Covid 19 Numbers Declining, But Doctors Warn Against Being Over-Confident

Even then, there is reason to feel comforted. The situation is improving. However, the pandemic is not yet under control.

The country’s daily average of new COVID 19 instances was 107,312 the previous week. This is the lowest since the peak of August.

Numbers of hospitalizations too are declining. 71,325 people were hospitalized with COVID 19 last week, reported the US Department of Health and Human Services.

The country should not view it as a sign that the pandemic is about to end. It only means that the country is out of one surge of infections from the Delta variant. Even now, more than 100,000 people are hospitalized with this disease each day. And the numbers are still more than what they were last year.

The number of deaths we witness every day should serve as a grim warning against relaxing. Over 1,800 people succumbed to COVID 19 each day last week. And the unfortunate reality is that almost all of them were avoidable through vaccination.

The safety measures the country takes today will determine its ability to open up for the holiday season next time. The most effective way to make this happen is to receive your jabs, health officials say.

The country witnessed declines in COVID 19 numbers many a times. But it always came back again with more power with another surge.

Health officials advise the country to focus in continuing the downward trend. The time has not yet come to predict anything about future. The only thing it can do now is to ensure that more and more people receive their shots against COVID 19.

As per the data CDC released, 59% of the country’s population is vaccinated till Sunday.

In the meantime, FDA is hopefully waiting for a vaccine for children in the age-range of 5-11. It has convened a meeting of its advisers this Friday to evaluate the data Pfizer has submitted. Upon analysis of the trial data, the agency will decide the next step.

FDA also warns people against taking the meeting as an indication to start vaccinating their children. After the meeting, the committee has to recommend it to FDA. The agency will then vote on the recommendation. Afterwards, the CDC has to sign it off to make it available for children aged 5-11.

Certain health officials say that vaccination for children would begin towards the end of this month. But this too will be a two-dose regimen like that of the adults. It is true that children are less susceptible to severe illness from COVID 19. But they too are prone to serious infections. This possibility stresses the need for kids to get inoculated, they say.

Health officials are requesting reluctant parents to visit a few pediatric hospitals across the country. They can even inquire to any pediatric doctor. The professional will explain the real situation. COVID 19 may make children fatally ill.

Health officials also warn against relying on previous infections or unapproved medications. Don’t be carried away by the claims pharmacies make. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that a prior infection will protect you against its recurrence in future. But science shows vaccination works. COVID 19 is here to stay with us for long, UN says.

Receive your shot against COVID 19 as early as you can. That is the only way to protect yourself from the clutches of COVID 19.

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