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Covid 19 Nurse Shares Her Experience Of The Pandemic

Kathryn Ivey, who works as a nurse in the intensive care unit at a Nashville hospital, has posted her experiences about the Covid 19 pandemic on Twitter. The post has gone viral in which she has her portrait before the pandemic and her current pictures. While she looked fresh-faced in the first picture that was taken in March, the second picture shows the reality of her situation during this pandemic.

Covid 19 Nurse Shares Her Experience Of The Pandemic

When the pandemic started in March, Ivey was still a fresher and she straight away went into working in the Covid 19 ward. Even though her post was on a lighthearted note, it also showed the dark reality of frontline workers who have been fighting the pandemic since the last few months. Her post went viral in no time, and it received nearly a million likes on Twitter.

Covid 19 Nurse Shares Her Experience Of The Pandemic

Ivey said that she loves being a nurse even though she did not expect to be a new nurse in the middle of a huge pandemic. She added that caring for the sickest of the sick was an honor, and she treasured the experience of working with her patients.

Ivey said that she graduated in May and started working full time in July. She did not disclose where she worked in Nashville. She and her classmates were able to feel the weight of the pandemic even during their internship. She said that it was a surreal experience and felt like staring down a tsunami.

She said that she always wanted to help people, and this is the reason when changed tracks at the age of 24 to join a nursing school. She had earlier studied political science and even held a degree but stopped working in that direction as she was not interested.

Ivey said that as it became clear that Covid 19 pandemic was all set to change everything about the health industry, she was scared in the beginning but also got inspired due to the challenge. She rotates into the covid 19 units several times a month and sometimes gets exhausted due to the intensity of her work.

The number of cases across Tennessee is very high, and the region has seen several hospitalizations and deaths. She also added that some of her colleagues are stressed due to the situation as they have worked harder during the pandemic. Ivey had a message for those who did not take the virus seriously and wanted them to see what she does to take care of Covid 19 patients on a regular basis.

She said that the cycle keeps repeating with every patient as they struggle to breathe due to damage to the lungs. Such patients are not able to make use of the oxygen administered by the medical staff, and it often leads to cardiac arrest and death. She said that she has seen this repeated many times during the last few months.

She also said that she has seen multiple patients suffer cardiac arrest on a single day, and sometimes the same patients suffer multiple cardiac arrests. On Thursday, the death toll in Tennessee reached its highest count at 93. Ivey said that even though this level of death is new, and it feels different, nurses are not good at feeling helpless. She said that the look that a person gets in their eyes when they are not able to breathe is just horrible and she is not able to do anything about that in many cases.

She was also critical about the public health measures taken by the administration as this has put a lot of burden on the health care system. She expressed her anger at the way the pandemic was handled and said that the situation could have been a lot better. Other than that, she was also angry about the lack of precautions among the public that has led to the death of several people in the community.

During this difficult situation, Ivey finds support in her family and said that a regular dose of coffee keeps her going throughout the day. She is also trying her best to keep herself calm during this stressful situation by listening to her favorite music, podcasts and other activities. She is happy that her entire family is living together with her parents as pandemic has forced some of her siblings to get back home.

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