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COVID-19 Post-Holiday Surge: U.S Reports Record-Breaking Cases Every Day

While the whole nation is turned towards Biden’s Inauguration, the post-holiday surge reached at the zenith than ever before.

The present situation in the U.S is worsening with new records of COVID-19 contractions and deaths every day, which is the aftermath of the unsafe gatherings during the previous Christmas holidays. 

COVID-19 Post-Holiday Surge: U.S Reports Record-Breaking Cases Every Day

Reports from John Hopkins University said that on Tuesday, a total number of 4,327 people died in the U.S. 

U.S Reports Record-Breaking Cases Every Day

The average of deaths is elevated from about 2,600 per day to around 3,300, and the pandemic is raging with greater numbers.

This shows that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s predictions in the first week of December became true, as he warned people of the post-holiday surge of the coronavirus. 

During the previous holidays, the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged the Public to stay at home and give up travels to avoid a great surge in the total number of cases as holidays have proven to be a catalyst of COVID-19 infections nationwide.

This conclusion was made after Thanksgiving and the holidays earlier last year, where both had a sudden and higher lap in infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. 

The government’s top expert on infectious disease said that the country went from a very high baseline of infections to even higher, and everything seems to be a record as the U.S has seen over the past week and a half or so since the end of the holidays.

Fauci added that the nation is in a very difficult phase presently and it is getting worse. Besides, he hopes that as the people of the U.S seek a peaking and a turning around by the end of January, especially people hang in there and not get discouraged by the fatigue of the pandemic and let down their measures of public health.

Apart from the post-holiday surge, another threat the nation faces is the spread of the new variant of the virus discovered in the U.K. The U.K variant is believed to be more deadly and easier to spread. 

Adding into the present menace, several areas in the U.S as well as around the world have been recorded with cases of the same, and it is expected to be more common nationwide.

Currently, the authority plans to make the people aware of the upcoming catastrophe and increase the degree of taking safety measures like restricting the public from gatherings, spreading rapid tests that can be performed at home, increasing vaccination rates, and providing them with high-quality N95 masks.  

The total number of new cases in the U.S is spilled over 200,000 at every present day, with the highest number of hospitalizations, which crossed 130,000, leaving the hospitals as crowded as ever before. 

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