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COVID-19: Slight But Remarkable Drop Despite New Strains’ Threats

According to the latest reports, COVID-19 cases have begun to drop off across the U.S. 

Most of the states have increased their vaccine availability during the last week since the country is facing a greater improvement in vaccination distributions. 

COVID-19: Slight But Remarkable Drop Despite New Strains’ Threats

The statistics on the hit of COVID-19 has shown a decline so far since the middle of last month in the U.S. The graph shows a remarkable fall in the 7-day average of new contractions. However, the number of deaths still tolls higher.

Slight But Remarkable Drop Despite New Strains’ Threats

This implies that even if the figures are still larger, there is a notable fall in the spread of the virus in the country, and it has already started to shrink at a remarkable pace. The present condition is the most relievable since the beginning of the pandemic. 

On Sunday, it was reported 87,889 new cases and 1,301 COVID-related deaths.

Reports from states show improvements with notable declines in the total number of cases. The states also come up with reports of increased allotments of vaccine doses across the country. 

The state of Tennessee has come up with a 62% decrease in infections when compared to the total number of cases reported in the previous month.

The distribution of vaccination also got quite improved in Tennessee. Officials said that the state would go forward with the improvement it achieved during the last two weeks. 

L. A County also reported fewer hospitalizations. The numbers have been dropping after peaking up at more than 8,000 during last month. The county officials in L. A County reported progress in the vaccination campaigns, though it is slower. 

The country was struggling with the post-holiday surge during last month. However, currently, the country is slightly more relieved than ever since the pandemic started its hits on the country. 

Experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that although the present trend brings an optimistic view of the vigorous figures in deaths and infections, it is not assured to stay in the country.

They said that the new variants that had been detected in various parts of the country could overturn the present relieving reports. 

The Director of CDC, Dr Rochelle Walensky said that although there is a clear decline in the total number of cases, the cases are still extraordinarily higher and twice as high as the peak number of cases reported during summer. 

When it was at the peak, each day, the country reported more than 200,000 new cases. Experts said that the people across the country might have panicked with the recent reports and made them take extra precautionary measures to have a sudden deviation in the graph. 

The decline cannot be linked to the vaccination campaign in the country since the country didn’t even reach 10% of vaccinating its inhabitants. 

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