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COVID-19 Surge Made Stanford To Restrict Freshmen & Sophomore Students And Cancel Winter Quarter

Freshmen and sophomore students would be restricted to the Stanford University campus until the summer quarter as 43 students were recently tested positive for COVID-19. 

The new message from the university will keep the freshmen and the classes for sophomore away during the winter quarter. 

COVID-19 Surge Made Stanford To Restrict Freshmen & Sophomore Students And Cancel Winter Quarter

The president of the university announced to the whole Stanford community that the freshmen and sophomore students who plan to start their winter quarter on Monday will not be allowed on the campus as planned since the COVID-19 cases in California made a hike, but the university is hoping to welcome them in the summer quarter.

COVID-19 Surge Made Stanford To Restrict Freshmen & Sophomore Students And Cancel Winter Quarter

The message said that the university assessed the continuing surge in COVID-19 cases, the lengthening health restrictions in the state, and how the restrictions likely will affect the on-campus undergraduate experience this quarter and made a decision that Stanford will not be able to have the fresh and sophomore classes return to campus for the winter quarter as planned.

The message further said that they deeply regret changing the plans and concluded that the decision they made is for the best interest of students and the community.

The modeling based on the most recent available data suggested it was unlikely that the country would be able to move out of California’s highest-risk COVID-19 purple tier until late in the winter quarter.

Students were expected to attend the University but instead, they had to opt for taking a year’s gap due to the surge of the coronavirus. 

A freshman student Stella Meier said that she understood the situation to feel frustrated after learning all of the plans have changed.

She added that she believes that she made the right decision during the uncertainty of the situation. Some current freshmen too might be upset about the present decision from the University. 

Parallel to Santa Clara County, Stanford is also being attacked by the surge of coronavirus presently. According to the announcement made by the university on Friday, 43 graduate, professional and undergraduate students are tested positive for COVID-19. Since the 2nd of January, these students are being kept in isolation.

 Dr. Monica Gandhi, UCSF infectious disease specialist, and professor of medicine has welcomed the decision of Stanford not to let in freshmen and sophomores. 

She said that California is undoubtedly at the worst time that it has ever been with the highest community transmission.

The present condition will get better as vaccines are being distributed, but what Stanford made was a reasonable decision.

Presently, in Stanford, other students including graduates and those with special circumstances have already started to appear for classes over the last few days.

For now, the campus would allow undergraduate resident assistants, and undergraduates with approved special circumstances would be still allowed to stay on the campus. 

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