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COVID-19 Trajectory Cannot Be Altered For Several Months, Says Biden

Soon after his warning of reaching over 500,000 COVID-deaths, president Biden alerted on Friday that nothing can be done to change the trajectory of COVID-19 in the coming several months and the death rates would drastically elevate over the next few weeks.

COVID-19 Trajectory Cannot Be Altered For Several Months, Says Biden

He said that as the virus is surging all over the nation, a lot of America presently is hurting. The deaths are expected to rise from the present number of 400,000 to over 600,000. The president made the remarks when he was about to sign two executive orders to reduce hunger as well as to bolster workers’ rights during the pandemic. 

It was on Thursday, Biden warned that by February, the total deaths will be piled up to 500,000. He made these remarks soon after he discussed with Dr. Anthony Fauci and others of the COVID-19 advisors of his administration. He also repeatedly warned that the situation will probably get even worse before it starts to improve. 


The compiled reports from Johns Hopkins University said that a quarter of COVID-19 deaths among the total of 400,000 had been reported in the last 36 days. 

Biden didn’t leave any clue of the reference of his remarks, but it possibly could be a projection from the Institute for Health Metrics and evaluation. The projection estimates that by March the U. S could reach 600,000 deaths related to the pandemic. It can be even worse if the states ease the mandates of social distancing. Even though, the current projections of the model show that by late April the deaths will reach 560,000. 

To respond to the comments after Biden’s remarks, no spokesperson was available immediately after him.

In recent days, COVID cases have been reduced in the country. After the surge occurred in the county connected with Thanksgiving and holidays, the country received positive news for the first time in the news year regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

An analysis of the data by Johns Hopkins University said that presently, the country is reporting an average of 187,593 new COVID-19 cases every day. This is a 22% decline, compared to the situation which occurred before last week. 

Though it shows a decline in the daily number of cases, Dr. Fauci also warned that the nation is still in a very critical situation, as the nation has the highest death toll and the hospitals have been over crowded nationwide with numerous patients being admitted so far every day. 

Over the last week, the pace of administering vaccination distribution has also elevated. Fauci said that Biden promised he will administer 100 million vaccination doses during the initial 100 days of his presidency, and it would be feasible to achieve it if the current pace is followed to vaccinate Americans. 

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