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Covid-19 Was Able To Get Through Our Traps

An obscure government body examined the building failure of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, which fell in New York City 20 years ago as a result of terrorists hijacking passenger jets. According to S. Shyam Sunder, the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s studies director, the institute’s work has influenced building design.

Building construction has become “more resilient,” according to him, with larger stairways with stronger enclosures, more fire-resistant structure frames, tougher fireproofing materials, and more robust emergency radio transmission capabilities.

Covid-19 Was Able To Get Through Our Traps

However, Sunder writes that although NIST’s conclusions resulted in more than 40 significant modifications to the United States’ fire and building safety standards, they were not intended to strengthen structures to resist the impact of airplanes. According to the author, keeping terrorists away from aircraft and aircraft away from facilities would be preferable.

Aboard September 11, passengers on hijacked Flight 93 prevented terrorists from carrying out their plot to crash the plane on a target in the United States capital of Washington. Because of the war on terrorism, the United States invested billions of dollars on flight security, putting in place measures that are now known to every traveler.

Covid-19 Was Able To Get Through Our Traps

One kind of lethal adversary was rendered less dangerous by these measures. Inexplicably, they were utterly ineffective against another virus that health experts had anticipated for years, namely, the new lung virus that swept across the globe at the beginning of 2020, transported by aircraft and through buildings large and small.

Terrorism is a deadly danger to the global community. There will never be enough words to express how deeply we feel about the lives that were lost on September 11, 2001. The last time many people in the United States felt safe was a long time ago.

The covid-19 epidemic, which is now sweeping throughout the United States and globally, is changing society. The health of friends and family, overcrowding in hospitals, outbreaks of new diseases, and the dangers unvaccinated children might face are the latest worries that keep many up at night ” My hospital, however, is seeing an increase in Covid-19 instances recently.

My colleagues and I are concerned about the number of children returning to school when so many are unsuitable for immunization because of the flu outbreak. Many companies are encouraging their employees to extend their time at home. 

Across the United States, daily infection rates are more than three times greater than they were over the last Labor Day weekend. When Covid cases that have been picked up during Labor Day trips are discovered, we may see much higher infection rates in the coming days and weeks.”

Indeed, “Normal” will never be the same again in our world after Covid. Our ability to go ahead is dependent on our ability to accept this.” Earlier this week, Vice President Joe Biden unveiled a six-point strategy to stay one step ahead of the advancing epidemic.

The plan, according to Ranney, “increases emphasis on many of the things that we know work to reduce the spread of the virus vaccines, testing, and masking. Still, it also leaves some gaps” by failing to devote sufficient emphasis on improving building ventilation, outreach programs to reduce racial health inequities, clearer messaging, and better data collection.

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