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COVID-19: U.S About To Face U.K Variant’s Rapid Surge By March

Recent studies say that the U.S is under the biggest threat of the U.K variant of the coronavirus which is widely spreading across the country. The total number of cases has been doubling every 10 days in the country.

A team of expert researchers said that the more contagious U.K strain can be the predominant nationwide and chances are great that it would bring a great surge in new cases and elevate the risk of death. The team remarked on evaluating half a million COVID-19 tests and hundreds of genomes.

COVID-19: U.S About To Face U.K Variant’s Rapid Surge By March

The U.K variant started to detect in various states widely last month. The present condition in the country suggests that the prediction of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came to reality.

U.S About To Face U.K Variant’s Rapid Surge By March

In which, they alarmed that by March, this variant would be predominant in case the country approached it similar to that of the U.K.

The U.K strain of the coronavirus is known as B.1.1.7. The new study becomes an initiative to bring in a nationwide glance at the history of this strain of the coronavirus. In the U.S, the variant was first detected last December. 

A virologist and the co-author of the research, Kristian Andersen said that even if nothing is surprising in the outcome of the study, people need to see the report.

Andersen added that the country has to be prepared for the variant becoming predominant across the U.S by March.

According to the study, the transmission rate of the strain is 30-40 % higher than any other variant of the deadly coronavirus.

However, the figures can be elevated, if the various data that come from different states are analyzed. Many other countries already are under the surge of this variant including Jordan, Portugal, and Ireland.  

Dr Anderson and his team had begun to check it in samples in the country ever since the variant was detected in the U.K. They could find it in samples on December 29, in Colorado, and soon in various parts of the country.

Nicholas Davies, an epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine, said that in a matter of months or weeks it is assumed that a severe situation is about to develop in the country.

We are having early signals that the public health authorities should have urgent investigations on the matter.

Dr. Davies is afraid that the U.K variant can result in a new surge across the country and there would be limited time to act against it.

Since reports from the different states are scarier than imagined, especially from Florida, the rest of the country is also sooner to be conquered if the prediction of the upcoming surge becomes true. 

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