Covid-19 Update: Italy To Revoke Ban Against Unvaccinated Health Workers

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 31, 2022

The world struggled with the most dreadful virus since 2020- the Covid 19! With so many struggles, health losses, and deaths, people saw compromised life like never before. It not only stopped the work but also challenged life for two years.

People are still struggling and suffering with the same. We saw a rise in infections like the influenza virus and other bacterial diseases. It was only due to the compromised immunity of the people and how they aren’t able to cope with the casual infections as they used in 2019. 

Europe on the whole faced many challenges posts the covid outbreak. We saw some vast impacts on nations across the world but European countries had another scale. 

Italy Will Lift The Ban On Unvaccinated Health Workers 

This time, Italy has decided to take things more seriously and uplevel the protection. Now that things are under control, the country has decided to take back its nurses and staff who aren’t vaccinated. It is all ready to welcome the health workers who aren’t vaccinated against the dreadful corona.

Covid-19 Update Italy To Revoke Ban Against Unvaccinated Health Workers

There are going to be tougher rules as the country knows how they struggled through the same. People were receiving vaccinations from the mixed health worker staff for the coronavirus disease but Italy has new rules now. For those who are unvaccinated, the Red Cross Vaccination Centre by Termini ( Rome’s main train station) in Italy is all set to launch some new rules for health workers. 

Covid 19 was dreadful for everyone and should not be taken lightly again. People are still suffering from its after-effects. Italy is already taking the suspended nurses and doctors who are not vaccinated against the coronavirus vaccine. Health minister Orazio Schillaci declared the same on Friday in Milan, Italy. 

The Coronavirus outbreak was horrific, while all the front-line workers were fighting against it, many of them didn’t get fully vaccinated including the booster vaccines. If they aren’t protected, how would they protect us? But now we see a stagnant scale, the situation in control, and most important that people are recovering. 

The government is also removing the fine they had on people over 50 and not vaccinated. You may wonder why the government did so. It was due to the medical staff shortage in the country. While there are other infections to worry about, the country cannot comprise the other infections over the coronavirus.

The reintegration will be effective soon making the nurses and doctors available who were otherwise suspended. Italy was the most affected of all the nations, we saw a rapid decrease in the economy of the country. Almost 179,000 people died in the country- the World Health Organization reported it. 

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The former prime minister of Italy, Mario Draghi, asked the nation to get fully vaccinated in 2021. He made it compulsory for teachers and students attending school and elders over the age of 50 to cope with the drastic measures. If anyone didn’t do so, the refusal resulted in a suspension from work. Along with the rest, you could lose money as well (for public servants). Approx 100 Euros fine was signed for seniors or elderly not being vaccinated over the age of 50. 

The country made sure it is fighting the virus strongly and did. Now we see the situation is stable in almost all countries and people are coping with the effects. With more infections (and flu season) coming up, healthcare staff and other medical professionals are called again to support the country and serve their service. 

Stay protected, stay safe, and keep the medical updates in hand.

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