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Covid 19 Vaccination Mandate Comes Into Effect For Teachers And Staff In New York City

COVID 19 vaccine requirement has come into effect for teachers, staffs and students in New York City from Monday. It affects millions of private and public schools in the region.

Covid 19 Vaccination Mandate Comes Into Effect For Teachers And Staff In New York City

This, according to officials, is an important test of the employees.

Covid 19 Vaccination Mandate Comes Into Effect For Teachers And Staff In New York City

NYC is prepared even to bring replacements if required. The City Mayor has warned school staff than those unvaccinated will have to go on unpaid leave.

There are more than 148,000 staff employed in the city’s public school network. And up to 96% among them have received at least the first dose of a vaccine. The same is 96% among teachers and 99% among principals.

The City Mayor now wants parents to understand that the city gives utmost priority to the safety of their children. That is what this mandate aims to achieve. And this is the law in the days ahead.

The implementation of this mandate may prove to be a tough challenge for the Democrat mayor. He has a record of maintaining the schools open for the major part of the previous year. Almost all other districts opted for online learning.

The city does not offer a remote learning facility in 2021.

NYC’s school system is the largest of the kind in the US. And it is the first to adopt vaccine requirements for all its employees. The ruling does not offer a choice to test out of the requirement but allows exemptions for medical or religious reasons. Los Angeles will follow suit from October 15th.

New York City administered more than 43000 doses of the vaccines after issuing the mandate.

The US Secretary of Education appreciated the city. NYC managed to do it, he said.

In-person classes need to remain open. Students need to feel that they are safe in the classroom. And the country has to vaccinate every single adult interacting with each child. It has to do everything in its power to protect children from the pandemic.

The rate of vaccination among all categories of jobs showed an upward trend upon the announcement of the mandate. District Council 37 of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees comprise 20000 educational employees. 93% of them submitted proof of at least one dose of vaccination, the council said. This is much higher than that of the start of last month; 68%. Unvaccinated District Council 37 members are eligible for vaccine exemption for medical or religious reasons.

Authorities wanted the mandate to come into effect from last week. But a federal court granted an injunction in response to a request from a group of teachers to block it. Within three days, the decision was reversed by an appeal court. The Supreme Court too refused to entertain such a request.

Certain teachers waited for the last minute to receive their first shot against the virus. According to them, their financial obligations matter a lot. According to some, prior infection protects from the virus. And they said that they will continue opposing the mandate.

As per the guidelines from CDC, people infected earlier with COVID 19 too should receive the vaccination. Vaccines provide better immunity than the body’s natural protection. They also minimize the severity of breakthrough infections.

Certain strong opponents of vaccine mandates protested it and posted videos of demonstrations on social networking platforms.

A large majority of parents support the mandate. According to them, it makes schools safer for their children.

All the vaccines available in the country at present are tested on thousands of volunteers. And they are proven to prevent re-infection.

Others, however, differ slightly. According to them, such decisions should be based on personal preferences.

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