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COVID-19 Vaccine Protective Yet Needs To Be More Effective

The changing COVID-19 virus has kept the doctors on their toes. Healthcare workers, scientists, researchers et al have been toiling day and night. A foolproof cure is yet to be found to completely wipe out the pandemic. A study found the results of the COVID-19 vaccine to be protective but not perfectly effective.

New variants of the COVID-19 virus keeps the health sector busy

For over a year, new vaccines have been made to thwart the deadly pandemic. Numerous lives have been lost fighting the virus. The vaccine’s power fades as time goes by, found a recent study. Breakthrough infections that keep coming are hard to tackle despite all the vaccines.

COVID-19 Vaccine Protective Yet Needs To Be More Effective

Study of San Diego workers brings heart-wrenching data

As months go by, research help determine the effectiveness of the vaccine. The study of more than 19, 000 healthcare workers revealed that there needs to be more progress. Progress in terms of a very effective dose to work on the present infection and on breakthroughs.  These breakthrough infections need a more effective vaccine that does not fade with time.

The vaccine assures good defense against the COVID-19 virus

In the study, the result reassured that those who have received their vaccine are safer than those who haven’t. The healthcare workers who had not received their dose were infected as much as three times more than others. Those who received their doses dealt better with the environment that they were exposed to. Given the rate at which the virus is mutating, the vaccines need to be more than just protective.

Groundbreaking research done every month to follow up

To help keep the receivers of the vaccine healthy and immune from the infectious virus, new researches are conducted. The research done between June and July in San Diego has led to detailing new requirements. It has pointed towards both positive and negative findings. Over the course of the past months, the study stated that the effectiveness increased tremendously.

However, a combination of data found a fall in ineffectiveness

The effectiveness rate of the vaccine was above 90% from March all the way through June. However, the effectiveness dropped to 65.5% in July. The results point towards making a vaccine that can keep fighting consistently over a period of time. There needs to be more strength in the doses that fights over a long period and does not fade as it dates.

Further study of infected patients points towards a more refined dose

In June, among the vaccinated groups, the rate of people getting infected was one-third in ratio. However, in July, the rate increased massively reestablishing the need for a better cure. It showed that three of four diagnosed patients were those who had all their vaccines. So it is concluded that being fully vaccinated would still require you to take caution.

More details published on the first of September

The report published on September 1st led to concern owing to the delta variants of COVID-19. These variants are strong, and the body needs to be fit and prepared to deal with them. The vaccines should not be waning and boost immunity. The report mentioned the need to keep wearing the mask despite taking the shots.

The details of the study on fully vaccinated workers

The over 19, 000 healthcare workers of UCSD showed a change despite being fully vaccinated. Nearly 125 of the fully vaccinated healthcare workers showed symptomatic COVID-19 in July. This number of COVID-19 cases was as few as only 13 in the month of May. While the number of cases in June among the tested healthcare workers was only 15, in June.

The “attack rate” among the cases a cause of concern

The attack rate is the percentage of people who contract the disease within a stipulated timeframe. The tally between the fully vaccinated and the unvaccinated has reaffirmed that getting vaccinated reduces the attack rate. In July, 5.7 cases were from the vaccinated people. While 16.4 cases were among the unvaccinated out of every 1000 workers.

The number of deaths reduced after getting fully vaccinated

Among the over 19, 000 UCSD healthcare workers who were checked, only one of them was severe in condition. Only this individual required hospitalization for treatment and getting better. And this individual was not vaccinated unlike those who were fully vaccinated. The research stated that none of them succumbed to the virus and that they all survived.

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