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Covid 19 Vaccine: Side Effects, Ingredients Of Pfizer Vaccine

The first covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer has got the emergency use authorization by the FDA. The distribution process is underway, and public health experts are now trying hard to convince people to use the vaccine. As per the report provided by the FDA and clinical trials conducted by the company, the vaccine is more than 95% effective on people above the age of 16.

Covid 19 Vaccine: Side Effects, Ingredients Of Pfizer Vaccine

As the vaccines are being produced in a short duration of time due to the global pandemic, several people have raised concerns over the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. In this regard, let us take a few questions regarding the vaccine and discuss them with Public Health experts.

Covid 19 Vaccine: Side Effects, Ingredients Of Pfizer Vaccine

Most people wonder if there is a vaccine that can prevent coronavirus. You will be surprised to know that there are more than 200 vaccine candidates that are under various stages of development across the world. Several clinical trials are in their final stages, according to the report released by CDC.

China and Russia have already started rolling out their own vaccines in the last one month even as the clinical trials are in their final stages. However, the UK, the US and Canada have authorized the vaccine developed by Pfizer after the clinical trials were completed.

Yet another important question people ask about the vaccine is with regards to safety. According to the report released by the FDA, an independent panel of vaccine experts examined the clinical trials data submitted by the company, and the vaccine was found to be safe in most people, and it can prevent 95% of people from becoming sick with coronavirus.

People also wonder if they need to get a vaccine if they have already been infected with coronavirus in the past. Healthcare experts suggest that it is better to go for a vaccine even if you have been infected in the past as there is a chance of re-infection in the future. Even though the body would have natural immunity after recovering from covid-19, it is not clear how long it would last with regards to the coronavirus, and further studies are needed in this regard. The immunity derived from a vaccine may last only for a few months, and you may need to take booster shots to get prolonged immunity.

Another important question answered by public health experts is with regards to the vaccine being used for children and pregnant women. In the clinical trials conducted by Pfizer, pregnant and nursing women were not included, and there is no proper data that suggests it could be harmful or safe for pregnant women. In the same manner, children under the age of 16 were not included in the final stages of the trial, and it is better to avoid vaccination for children unless suggested by a doctor.

The CDC is now focusing on the distribution process of the vaccine. The vaccine shipments have been sent to different hospitals across the US, and proper guidelines will be issued as to who will get the first access to the vaccine in the coming months.

When it comes to side effects, doctors are of the opinion that you may experience at least one side effect, and there is no need to worry as it will usually subside within a day or two. As per the data available from the clinical trials, more side effects were seen after taking the second dose of the vaccine. Some of the common side effects include headache, muscle pain, and fatigue.

The covid-19 vaccines need to be taken in two doses that are given 21 days apart. The gap may vary by some margin depending on the availability of the vaccine, and it should not cause any problem. However, you must take the same vaccine for both the first and second dose as the composition of vaccines may differ from one manufacturer to another.

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