Covid 19 Vaccine Tourism: Florida Governor Discourages Outsiders

Many residents are worried that Florida is becoming a favorite spot for tourists to get easy access to the covid vaccine.

Former Chairman of Citigroup, Richard Parsons, recently said in an interview that he traveled from New York to Florida as it was easy to get vaccines in that state.

Covid 19 Vaccine Tourism: Florida Governor Discourages Outsiders

Parsons said that it was orderly in Florida and was surprised to see how well organized the vaccination program was in the sunshine state. He said that it was easy to get an appointment online in Florida.

However, local residents say that it is not that easy, and many seniors are struggling to get appointments for a long time.

They are feeling frustrated as some outsiders are able to get access to the covid vaccine in Florida. Many of them are not able to get appointments.

There are several reports that Florida is soon becoming the vaccine tourist capital of the US. Florida governor Ron DeSantis said that it was difficult to block non-residents from getting vaccinated in Florida as the state attracts a large number of tourists on a regular basis.

Apart from that, many tourists use Florida as a transient point as they move on to different states. In this regard, it is very difficult for the authorities to block tourists or visitors who are moving to the state only to get the vaccine.

However, the governor said that the state would discourage people who come to Florida only to get a vaccine in this situation.

The general fear that the rich and powerful will take up the first doses of vaccines is not without any reason. MorseLife Health System, which is an elder care system in West palm beach in Florida, is under state investigation for allegedly providing vaccines to some wealthy benefactors that were supposed to be used for frontline workers and residents.

DeSantis also confirmed the news and said that MorseLife was under investigation for alleged violation with regards to vaccine distribution, and the Health Department was looking into the case. He said that the agency would complete the investigation shortly and come out with the results.

DeSantis also said that the vaccine bottlenecks for residents are likely to be reduced in the coming weeks as more doses will be available shortly. He added that the federal government was supposed to send more than 250,000 doses of vaccines for the week.

According to official reports from the health department in Florida, about 547,968 people have received the first dose of covid vaccine in the state. Apart from that, about 40000 people have received the booster shot on Monday.

Florida is one of the few states that is allowing people over the age of 65 to receive the vaccine in the first phase of the mass vaccination program.

On the other hand, several states are still following the guidelines of CDC strictly and limiting vaccinations to people over the age of 75 apart from the frontline health workers.

Parsons also commented that the distribution process was a mess in New York as the state is still trying to deliver vaccines to various dispensers.

Even though he did not disclose where he was getting the vaccine in South Florida, he mentioned that the process was very easy and it was very organized in Florida.

Many states are now making suitable changes to the vaccine administration process and including essential workers in the first phase.

Some states are considering including teachers in the first phase of the vaccination program as this will help them to reopen the schools in a normal way in the next few weeks.

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