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Covid-19 Victims Differ With Trump’s Views On Pandemic

Even as Trump assured the nation that Covid-19 was not as bad as projected, several victims beg to differ on this statement. Many people have lost their loved ones or suffered great damage due to the pandemic, and they cannot come to terms with the statement of Trump that there is nothing to worry about Covid-19.

Covid-19 Victims Differ With Trump’s Views On Pandemic

As the country is polarized by a lot of misinformation about various things, several families are not able to trust what Trump has been saying all these days about the pandemic. Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, Trump has always downplayed it, and he himself had agreed to this in one of his debates.

Covid-19 Victims Differ With Trump's Views On Pandemic

The victims of the pandemic were not the only ones who got infected with the virus, but also the ones who lost jobs because of the pandemic. Their lives turned upside down with this pandemic, and they are yet to come to terms with reality.

The ones who got directly infected or those who had a family member infected suffered a lot, and they were angry at the remarks of Trump regarding the pandemic. They strongly believed that he was not taking it seriously, and this could only worsen the situation.

In one of his recent statements, Trump went on to say that he was not concerned and it affects virtually nobody. Some people who were watching the statement made on television went on to feel that they were virtually nobody according to the government. This kind of harsh statement by the President during a pandemic that has affected the entire nation is not a mature move in any manner. Even as elections are fast approaching, Trump has not come to terms with reality, and he is still trying his best to downplay the entire impact of the pandemic.

A senior citizen who developed pneumonia tried his best to survive the pandemic. Even though he wore masks when he went outside, he was always joking about the pandemic and used to believe that he was too tough for the virus. After he was hospitalized and fighting for his life in the ICU, he told his kids that nobody survives this virus. Even though he had survived many accidents and illnesses in the past, he was finding it difficult to deal with the pandemic.

Around the same time, even Trump got infected, and he was hospitalized. He went on to say that they were working on the drug so that everyone can get it for free and it was going to happen quickly. Trump said that he was given a cocktail of antibody drugs from Regeneron and had recovered completely from the virus.

However, when patients suffering from Covid-19 in various hospitals asked for the drug that Trump had taken to recover, doctors said that the drug Trump had taken was not approved by the FDA.

Another person who had his mother hospitalized for the infection had an interesting take on the statements made by Trump. He went on to inform his mother that even Trump was infected and she now has some good company. His mother enjoyed the joke and said that she hoped that Trump does not die out of the infection, but she wanted him to feel sick enough so that he could understand the seriousness of the pandemic.

He said that his entire family had been careless about the virus and they thought that it was a hoax. The President giving careless statements about the pandemic further boosted their attitude regarding the virus, and they never wore masks regularly when they were outside. They said that they believed in what Trump had said about the virus and did not take enough precautions. However, now that the family had a covid victim, they tell others that they should not believe in what the President says regarding the pandemic.

Even as the disease continued to spread at a rapid pace, Trump continued with his election rallies that attracted thousands of visitors often flouting social distancing norms. Trump went on to call Covid as the China Plague and said that lockdown was not necessary to control the pandemic. He even told the crowd that now that he himself was infected and recovered, he knows it better than anyone else and it was not a serious thing.

Trump cheered the crowd with such statements and told that media was making a mountain out of a mole regarding Covid news. He said that all these things would stop on their own after the November elections. He even went on to claim that the virus would go away on its own without any vaccines.

The entire group supporting Trump showed a similar attitude with regards to the pandemic, and they never took it seriously. Even when some of the staff members of Mike Pence were infected, he continued the rally, and it was in violation of CDC guidelines. They never bothered to go to quarantine as it was election time and continued to address several rallies in one day.

When Trump was campaigning in regions that were severely affected with Covid, he showed a similar attitude and said that there was nothing to worry in this regard and they could turn it around easily without any problems.

However, the number of cases kept on increasing without any slowdown, and the US still continues to be the most affected country in the world due to the pandemic. More than half a million cases were recorded within a week, and more Americans were getting affected due to the virus.

Life will never be the same for covid victims, and the way in which the pandemic was handled will be remembered by them for a long time. Many people who believed in what Trump said about the virus and took it lightly felt cheated when they got infected or when they suffered a personal loss due to the virus. It is high time that people understood the seriousness of the pandemic and took adequate protection to safeguard themselves and their family members from the pandemic.

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