Some Cases Of Covid-19 May Be Aided By Nerve Damage

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 4, 2022

A recent study contends that nerve injury is likely the cause of some long-term COVID-19 symptoms in certain individuals. Researchers have found that 60% of the people who suffered from COVID-19 are likely to have had “peripheral Neurotherapy.”

Some Cases Of Covid-19 May Be Aided By Nerve Damage

Peripheral neuropathy is characterized by weakness, numbness, and discomfort in the hands and feet as a result of nerve injury outside of the brain and spinal cord (peripheral nerves). It can also have an impact on all areas and functions of the body, such as digestion, urine, and circulation.

Some Cases Of Covid-19 May Be Aided By Nerve Damage

The lead researcher, Dr. Anne Louise Oaklander, head of the Nerve Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital, said that the body’s immune system reacts to the COVID virus in a harmful manner. Some people suffering from COVID find that the small nerves located throughout their bodies are damaged.

This is a very serious problem as it is causing long-term health problems for those who suffered from COVID-19 in the past. Oaklander stated that this problem is making sense as the symptoms of Neurotherapy are very similar to the symptoms of COVID patients who have suffered for a long time.

According to tests, 59 percent of the patients had neuropathy or damage to nerves outside the brain and spinal cord.

According to the researchers’ background notes, overlapping symptoms include weariness, muscular weakness, loss of taste and smell, and discomfort in the hands and feet.

According to Oaklander, only one of the 17 patients had a severe case of COVID, demonstrating that even a minor occurrence might produce long-term effects if the immune system activates the body’s neurons.

For this study, Oaklander and her colleagues evaluated data on 17 individuals with long-term COVID from throughout the United States.

According to Oaklander, the damage to the immune system because of COVID is very similar to the Pac-Man game. There are some similarities between them.

She said that our immune cells are like the Pac-men, and these cells are roaming inside our body just like Pac-men do, damaging our body cells. These cells are chewing down nerve cells, deteriorating them. This is causing a bad effect on our bodies.

Dr. Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in Baltimore, believes that the small research proves to be very informative and gives evidence that people who have suffered from COVID for a long time are likely to suffer from nerve damage also. 

Adalja also stated that the phenomena are most likely caused by the viral-induced inflammatory cascade that damages neurons.

Based on the research, Oaklander advised COVID patients who are not improving to get their nerve damage tested. There is a likable chance that their nerves get damaged.

The study found that some patients were treated with some drugs like steroids. Patients improve with this drug, but some patients get more serious.

The nerves can be regenerated if given a fair chance to recover through the use of appropriate drugs, medicines, and the environment.

People get better and never die, according to one Oaklander, but they do grow back after a while. Who has a good immune system likely to get their nerves to grow back early?

If a patient were given a drug called immunosuppression, the number of harmful cells would be reduced to a great extent, and the nerves would likely heal at a good speed. The nerves will again grow back, and the patient will start feeling better and will recover very soon.

Lots of research is needed to find out the exact connection between the COVID patient and the peripheral Neurotherapy patient. Hopefully, researchers will succeed in their experiments. 

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