Covid Antibodies Could Start Attacking Your Body, Recent Studies Show

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 11, 2022

The world has been fighting against a deadly virus since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. Something that affected a small population in a small region slowly but steadily spread all over the world and has become a disease that has had the worst impact on the world by the last 3 generations of people.

Covid Antibodies Could Start Attacking Your Body, Recent Studies Show

Millions have been taken hostage by the coronavirus and many have lost their lives or their loved ones to this deadly disease. This disease affects people physically, mentally, and financially, making it very difficult to tackle. In such unprecedented times, even the most efficient governments are facing great difficulty in providing healthcare services and maintaining general wellbeing in society. 

COVID Antibodies Could Start Attacking Your Body, Recent Studies Show

The life we knew before the pandemic is completely different from what it is like now. COVID-19 has changed people’s lives for the foreseeable future. Everybody is trying to cope with the new normal to the best of their abilities.

People had rested their hopes on the discovery of a vaccine that could cure the disease, offer protection against it, and hoped that the spread of COVID-19 could be brought under control and things could go back to normal without much difficulty. But as things have progressed and unfurled, attaining normalcy seems more distant. Now the world is trying to co-exist with this disease.

The USA is potentially the most affected country in the world, with thousands of cases reported every single day. Even to this day, people are struggling to fight the disease, and doctors are feeling burnt out under the tremendous pressure of the pandemic.

The Omicron variant is the latest strain of coronavirus that is found to be spreading rather quickly, causing a surge in the number of patients seeking treatment in hospitals. Ever since the onset of the wave brought about by the Omicron variant of coronavirus, it has taken more and more people into its clutch than the previous variants, thanks to its high transmissibility.  

Amidst all this, a recent study shows that COVID antibodies can affect your immune system even after one has recovered from it. A study conducted on 177 frontline healthcare workers has shown that COVID antibodies may remain active post COVID, causing an autoimmune response that attacks the body’s organ. This is concerning as vaccines probably don’t protect against such a condition.

It was reported from the study that there are variations in these antibodies according to the sex of a person. Males can experience an autoimmune response months after recovering from asymptomatic infection, while females are at risk of auto immunization after an asymptomatic infection of COVID-19.

It does not occur in every person who has had COVID in the past, but there is a chance that the antibodies in their body might become active, resulting in an impact on the organs and tissues in the body.

The findings of the study point towards long COVID which is characterized by long-term health problems caused by infection from any variant of coronavirus.

Until now people have not deep-dived into the conversation around long COVID and how to tackle its implications in the future, but this study has thrown light on the complications that need to be taken seriously.

More research needs to be done surrounding the long-term effects of COVID post-infection and come up with medications of the same.

The ever-evolving variants of COVID and the recent surge in cases have forced us to think of a future where COVID is prevalent and infection is unavoidable, making it necessary to find a way to tackle the long-term effects of COVID on the human body. 

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