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A COVID Booster Shot May Become Inevitable In Future, Warn Health Experts

A COVID Booster Shot May Become Inevitable in Future, Warn Health Experts. The Delta variant is more contagious. And the world is anxiously waiting for other more dangerous strains of the virus. At the moment, the question is not whether we will need a booster dose or not, but when would we need it.

A COVID Booster Shot May Become Inevitable In Future, Warn Health Experts

Representatives from Pfizer had discussed the possibility of a booster shot with the Federal Government. They did it when CDC and FDA, the country’s regulating authorities, rejected such a claim from the company.

A COVID Booster Shot May Become Inevitable In Future, Warn Health Experts

Pfizer revealed in a recent statement that it plans to produce booster shots soon to fight off Delta and other variants. It cited its internal data and a study was done in Israel. Both had found out that people lost immunity to the vaccine shots after six months of receiving the two doses.

In the meantime, the Delta variant is the most dominant strain of the virus in the US. According to Pfizer, the third dose of its vaccine will strengthen immunity from all the emerging variants. For the past few months, officials from Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech have been announcing that people will most likely require a third shot within one year of receiving the two doses of their vaccine.

Immediately after the company made this announcement, CDC and FDA published a joint statement. In it, the regulators said that a fully vaccinated person is safe. And he does not need a booster dose for the time being.

Some from among health officials too supported the statement. The US does not need a booster dose at the moment.

According to the advocates of a booster dose of the vaccine, immunity declines over time. And it is not a surprising development. The only question is, how long.

Even those who favor a booster dose discourage people from taking them at the moment. The two doses of the vaccines offer enough immunity, at least for six months. And receiving it in a rush is not the right choice. They are seeing patients with more dramatic side effects than their second dose when they receive the booster shot. The best course of action is to obey what CDC and FDA say. They are the regulating authorities.

If the country needs a booster shot, the two agencies will inform you. You just have to act as per their advice. The country may feel the need for a booster dose in the long run. At that time, the authorities will publish guidelines accordingly. They would go as per the recommendations issued for the first and second dose of the vaccine.

Health officials also pointed out that the discussion of a third shot in the US should consider the global requirements. It is never going to help if the US gets a booster shot when the rest of the world remains unprotected.

Certain health officials, on the other hand, criticize the Israeli study. They say that it is flawed. Its observations come from a single source. Everyone wants to present the Delta variant as an infection capable of invading the vaccine-induced immunity. But that is not the situation at present.

At present, there is no data to prove that vaccines are becoming ineffective after some time. The country will consider it when it feels the need. There may come a time when fully vaccinated people start getting infected and dying. At that time, a booster dose may be recommended.

Some even point out the possibility of the same for those with compromised immunity. Even then, they should keep an open mind in the years ahead. The general public may need it.

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