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COVID cases In The US Now Exceed 40 Million

Since 2001, US residents have contracted COVID-19 more than 40 million times, according to a database maintained by The New York Times. Almost a fifth of the global number of cases is caused by this virus.

Delta variants of SARS-CoV-2 have been spreading across the United States, and about 47% of the eligible population remains unvaccinated, which means COVID-19 has made a remarkable comeback over a summer in which Americans had hoped the worst was behind them.

COVID cases In The US Now Exceed 40 Million

The Times reports that the United States has recorded an average of 161,000 cases of HIV/AIDS daily as of Sunday. Each day, more than 102,000 hospitalizations are recorded, and more than 1,600 deaths are recorded from COVID-19.

COVID cases In The US Now Exceed 40 Million

Hospitalized and dying people are often unvaccinated, causing great strain on the health care system which is already overburdened. As per the Times, no state has yet managed to make sure that more than 70% of its population is fully protected against the disease.

Governor Brad Little of Idaho, a Republican, pleaded with people in his state to get vaccinated last Wednesday: I wish everyone had been able to see what I saw last night in the ICU. Idaho is in such bad shape that the state is beginning to ration care.

Putting crisis standards of care in effect can result in people who require medical care getting the care they don’t expect in times of crisis, according to state director Dave Jeppesen. The hospital may not have enough beds for all patients or maybe using repurposed rooms (such as conference rooms) as hospital beds. According to Jeppesen, he hopes to avoid this decision as much as possible.

Governor Jim Justice, a Republican from hard-hit West Virginia, read out a list of people who have died from conditions linked to COVID-19 since Friday and echoed Little’s call to vaccinate. There’s no other option than to get everyone vaccinated, not just you but for all of us, Justice said. It is possible to stop a lot of this terrible, terrible carnage. A long, busy weekend will do us good, he added.

Over the long Labor Day weekend, the number of new cases of COVID-19 spiked to levels 300% higher than those recorded over the same weekend in 2020, thanks to the Delta variant surging and many Americans being unvaccinated and unmasked. CNN reports that a new school year means crowded hospitals and more children infected with the virus.

She is an emergency medicine professor at Brown University and associate dean of public health there. For anyone in public indoor spaces right now, he said that you should get your shots, and certainly wear a mask as an extra layer of protection.

About two weeks from now, the number of cases is likely to spike even more. Last year at this time, 31 states reported increases, and 25 states reported increases in data for the then-new Coronavirus, CNN reported.

As for Americans last year, they didn’t have to worry about the highly transmissible Delta variant. CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky urged people last week to curtail their traveling over the Labor Day holiday due to the threat.

Likewise, she emphasized the importance of vaccination: Currently, only 62% of Americans (those with a 12-year-old and older age group) are fully vaccinated against the flu. According to experts, the unvaccinated are the ones who end up in the hospital and die.

The most important thing to know is that none of the patients Ranney is hospitalizing are vaccinated. According to the CDC, the disease is primarily affecting unvaccinated people right now. Most people get both doses of the vaccine and do not need to be hospitalized.

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