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What’s Driving COVID -19 Cases To Rising And Fall

COVID 19 experts are cautiously optimistic that the national outbreak of the disease, which surged in the early part of this year, may have reached its peak as new cases, deaths, and hospitalizations decrease and the rate of vaccinations rises sharply.

A CDC report shows a decline of about 8,000 cases a day in the number of new COVID 19 cases over the past 7 days, compared with late last week. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday saw between 70,000 to 82,000 cases a day.

What’s Driving COVID -19 Cases To Rise And Fall

As of Sunday, there were 752,145 new cases of the COVID 19. That’s a decrease of 11 percent from the week before. According to the data, COVID 19 accounted for 13,223 deaths during this time period, a decrease of more than 8 percent over the previous week. There were slightly more than 70,000 hospitalizations last week, down about 4,000 from the previous one.

What's Driving COVID -19 Cases To Rise And Fall

In the meantime, the 7-day average of vaccination doses given in the US is back up to 970,000, an increase of about 250,000 from last week. Since COVID 19 boosters were made available in June, 1.2 million people received shots, which helped the average. Six million people have also received boosters since COVID 19 was made available. In all, more than 44 million cases of COVID 19 have been reported in the United States since the pandemic began. More than 704,000 people have died in the United States due to COVID 19, a number far exceeding the number of deaths recorded during the 1918 flu pandemic.

On Sept. 10, the CDC released a report that said vaccine-ineligible Americans are 10 times more likely to be hospitalized for COVID 19 and 11 times more likely to die. Despite good trends, experts say COVID 19 is not over, and we must continue to learn how to live with it.

Dr. William Schaffner, professor of infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, advised people to always be cautious when making predictions about COVID. Reductions in cases are due to improving vaccinations and continuing natural infections, he added. The vaccination process and infections both produce antibodies that fight COVID 19, according to Schaffner. As a result, COVID 19 becomes harder to spread and fewer people develop severe COVID 19 diseases.

Those places are less vaccinated, so it will take time for new cases to drop and remain low there. In that regard, he said he hopes that we are on the downside of the final COVID surge. However, we must assume that a new rogue variant won’t emerge that could circumvent the current vaccine, he added.

As a senior fellow at The Century Foundation, Jamila Taylor is the director of healthcare reform and expressed hope and caution.

Throughout this pandemic, Taylor said, it has taken a number of turns and been so unpredictable. Nonetheless, there is no sign of it ending. At the moment, however, we are on the right track, as cases and deaths are decreasing and vaccination rates are increasing. In the coming months, flu season and holidays may cause more concern, she added.

In the United States, when might the epidemic end and what might life be like?

It seems impossible that this thing could ever be eliminated completely, Taylor said. In the long run, even if the virus was eliminated, its effects would be felt – the economic, mental, and physical effects of COVID 19 have changed the lives of millions. The effects of the virus won’t go away even once it is eliminated, she explained.

Schaffner expressed optimism that we might be out of the pandemic phases of COVID 19 this winter. We need to find out as soon as possible whether the last vaccine holdouts are willing to accept vaccination and how quickly we can vaccinate the children. We will not be able to control COVID as effectively as we eliminated measles with our efforts. It will not go away. The same will apply to dealing with influenza. COVID vaccine booster doses may need to be given periodically, but their interval is not yet known, he explained.

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