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Covid Causes Severe Complications To Unvaccinated Pregnant Women

According to two recent studies, pregnant women who contract Covid 19 are prone to developing complications and putting their baby’s life at risk.

The first study reported that pregnant women who developed symptoms of COVID-19 underwent high complications than pregnant women who contracted the virus but were asymptomatic. This research was the Anesthesiology 2021 Annual meeting’s presentation.

Covid Causes Severe Complications To Unvaccinated Pregnant Women

At one Texas hospital, there were a hundred women who were COVID-19 positive and delivered between March and September, 58% of those with symptoms had to deliver under emergency circumstances. 46% of asymptomatic women underwent emergency problems. The study is not yet peer-reviewed.

Covid Causes Severe Complications To Unvaccinated Pregnant Women

Mothers who showed symptoms of the virus were at risk along with their babies. The majority of babies were born with a little amount of amniotic fluid. The study also reported that the babies that were delivered by symptomatic mothers required oxygen support and admission in intensive care units.

University of Texas Medical Branch’s medical student, Kristine Lane said that the virus has a serious impact on people that show symptoms. These effects are amplified in pregnant women who have increased maternal and fetal oxygen demand. She also said that to care for these symptomatic patients, doctors advise a cesarean delivery.

A reproductive immunologist, Dr. Gil Mor, who wasn’t involved in the study said that the problems can be related to COVID-19 induced chronic inflammation. Mor said that inflammation is extremely dangerous to the fetus’s development and the mother. It is like a fight for survival and there is a price to pay. Mor leads Wayne State University’s research lab that studies the impact of pathogens and the immune system during pregnancy. Mor said that we should do everything in our power to prevent inflammation.

The other study was published in The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine and was peer-reviewed. This study examined COVID-19 impact on pregnant women during their third trimester.

Researchers examined pregnancies of around 2400 women at one Israel hospital between March to September. They concluded differences in health between Women who contracted COVID-19 and women who didn’t. Among this, 67% showed no symptoms.

Mayan Hayeshua Medical Center’s Dr. Elior Eliasi and colleagues found that women that showed COVID-19 symptoms underwent the most trouble. They experienced higher rates of bleeding during delivering the baby, gestational diabetes, and fewer amount of white blood cells.

They concluded that more complications were formed in 20% of women who showed COVID-19 symptoms and it was around 14% higher in asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

As the study only examined women and one hospital, its findings may not be true for all pregnant women.

These studies add to the evidence that COVID-19 has an extremely negative impact on patients who show symptoms and especially if they are pregnant, said Dr. Denise Jamieson, who wasn’t involved in the study.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only one-third of pregnant women are fully vaccinated against coronavirus.

Pregnant women can prevent catching the virus by getting vaccinated. Even if they have a breakthrough case, it will be likely mild, if any at all. Even the newborn comes protected against the virus.

Jamieson said that this research concludes a pattern of another research. Jamieson is Emory University School of Medicine’s department of gynecology and obstetrics’ chair and American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology’s member. Jamieson said that it was clear that COVID-19 causes complications in pregnant women and risks to their newborn children.

 Initially, the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did not recommend vaccines for pregnant women. The reason being initial studies did not include the vaccines’ impact on pregnant women. After thorough research, the CDC recommends the vaccine and urges everyone to get vaccinated.

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