The New Covid-19 Guidelines Are Favourable For US Citizens Or Not

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 8, 2022

While the pandemic continues, the US plans to live spring and summer with almost the usual style. Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of infectious disease at Vanderbilt University medical center, stated the citizens of the US are moving very fast from epidemic to endemic. 

The New Covid-19 Guidelines Are Favourable For US Citizens Or Not

From 24 February to 3 March, the top Covid levels reduced from 1200 to 472. The CDC recently mentioned their method of measuring community. Earlier, the agencies only measured at the infectious level. As the authorities become more balanced, they now include infection rates and hospital capacity while measuring the community levels. 

The New Covid-19 Guidelines Are Favourable For US Citizens Or Not

Now the CDC’s data gives all the US citizens updates with their location and whether the area is high community level or low community level. According to this data, nearly 7% of the population is under high community levels of Covid-19. 

Amber D’Souza and epidemiologists stated that the cases are not finished but are in a manageable phase. Also, the hospital capacity is good enough. The situation was not good enough two or three months ago, in these two-three, they have progressed a lot and managed to give facility to all the citizens.

Syra Madad, the famous epidemiologist said that it is good to see people returning back to their normal life, the surge is coming to halt, it is amazing news.

The pandemic has almost come to its lowest level, it is good news, but from the past two years, we have realized that there is always a ‘But’ in every situation, we cannot predict the case, and no one knows what we will face in our future. 

Madad said those regularly checking the community levels data should not consider it to be zero if the data shows the community levels low. 

Low does not mean finish or end. In the area with a high risk of Covid-19, the citizens should follow all the precautionary steps; in the room with low covid-19 risk, people should still follow the guidelines, wear masks and maintain social distance. 

Madad also said if the community levels show a decrease in covid-19 levels, the chances of you coming in contact with the infectious person is low, but not zero; you may still get affected. 

Masks and caution may still be required if a person is in a high-risk category for severe disease, if they live with a young child who is still not eligible to be vaccinated, or if they live with someone who is immunocompromised and a vaccine does not protect them as well as a healthy person. 

According to Madad,  the end of the wave does not mean the end of Covid-19.  Recently deaths by Covid-19 have dropped by 11%.

According to some experts, Covid-19 is a more deadly virus than any other viral or contagious disease, as the United States is still facing nearly 1,554 deaths every day. 

According to D’Souza, Covid-19 is a very infectious disease, every day so many people are dying because of this, but successfully, the United States has progressed a lot. 

The Biden Government has provided so many facilities, the new introduced new tools and techniques in the field of medicine, all the tests and medicines are easily available, and there is much more progress on the way, to fight against the Covid-19

According to the CDC reports 45% of the US population have still not taken their shots, and there are more than 3% of the population i.e approx 9 million of the citizens come under the category of immunocompromised patients and there are some people who are vulnerable to infectious disease. 

According to Dr. Claudia Hoyen, if there will be no further wave of Covid-19, and the number of cases declines at a good speed, then this pandemic is going to end soon, but before that, there are still so many people whom we need to protect, all those who can’t protect themselves. 

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