Covid-19 Has Nearly Infected One Million Kids In The Past Week

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 21, 2022

The last two weeks have seen over 1 million kids getting infected with the Covid-19 virus. The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently reported. The Children’s Hospital Association has jointly released a report on the same.

Covid-19 Has Nearly Infected One Million Kids In The Past Week

In a new high, Coronavirus infection in kids has spiked in the first two weeks of January and has reached a million cases. 981,000 child Covid-19 cases amount to 70% of the infections. If one goes back to the beginning of the pandemic back in 2020, almost 9.5 million children have been affected.

Covid-19 Has Nearly Infected One Million Kids In The Past Week

Today, Coronavirus cases have affected kids badly, something that was not under forecast. Many kids have actually had to be hospitalized. The recent surge in cases has been attributed to the highly transmissible Omicron variant. Many schools have had to close or resume online classes, as many students and staff also tested positive.

Many kids are showing serious syndromes, like MIS-C. It is better known as Multi Inflammatory Syndrome in children.

The CDC has itself documented over 6,000 cases and 55 deaths as of Jan 5. The current surge in Omicron cases, only means that the rate of MIS-C in children will increase. Current reports state that a rare heart condition strikes kids who have rebound from Covid-19. It is a rare inflammatory condition that can strike many weeks after Covid.

Most children recover from it, as said by pediatric cardiologists. Recovery is possible, as the hearts are young. Early on in the pandemic, many doctors had found out that Covid-19 infected children often fall prey to the delayed effects of MIS-C.

It generally happens 4-6 weeks after the infection. It leads to inflammation throughout the body and that affects the organs. It happens in 1 out of 3,000 children. Doctors from Children’s hospital in Colorado have stated. In 4 out of 5 cases, the heart is affected. And the decreased heart function can also lead to liver and kidney injuries as well.

Many children who are affected by the disease have decreased left ventricle functioning. It can manifest itself in the form of low blood pressure or a sick child in the ICU, with medicines being administered to keep the heart moving.

The doctors, who are closely following the case checked out the 60 children who recovered from Covid-19. The reports of the heart condition were compared to those of the healthy kids. EKG readings have shown that heart function in MIS-C children improved significantly and was back to normal by three weeks. MRIs were also done and that revealed no scarring or damage to the surrounding tissues.

Many kids who recover are well off. Not only the U.S. but several countries have reported infection in kids with Omicron. Omicron causes the least infection in children. The large-scale hospitalizations are mainly due to a surge in infections.

Many children under 12 years may not be vaccinated, and that may have caused these issues. However, the nature of admission in hospitals shows that the infections are less severe as compared with older variants of the virus.

Many vaccinate parents and pregnant ladies are been able to protect their children, through the placenta. Protective antibodies are normally generated once pregnant ladies are vaccinated. It can also be passed via breast milk. Although children’s hospitalizations are quite high in the UK, South Africa, or the US, the severity is quite low.  So, it seems that most children have a low-grade fever and a little cough.

That is what has been reported lately. So, parents can relax and wait for new vaccination schedules to kick in the times to come.

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