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Covid Makes A Return At The Start Of Winter

With the US seeing a decline in the covid cases since the last few weeks, the dip has now been flatlined. In about 17 states the hospitalization rates have increased since this week which is an alarming concern for the country as the winter season has just begun.

Earlier during the summer surge, Texas and Florida had 22% of the cases in the whole country while now they only account for 6%.

Covid Makes A Return At The Start Of Winter

Even though the big states are seeing the numbers dip they are on the rise in smaller states keeping the total cases at a flat line.

Many of the epidemiologists say that the winters could get worse if the high populated states start getting more numbers and might even top the summer peak which was observed a few months ago.

Covid Makes A Return At The Start Of Winter

As per government officials, many people are yet to be vaccinated and are not cooperating as expected. Among the vaccinated people, many have stopped wearing masks which have made the transfer of virus from one person to another quite easy and fast.

Michael Osterholm from the University of Minnesota stated that winters make the immune system of the body weak. If people are not vaccinated fully and if social distancing is not followed as laid out by the government there could be another breakout for the virus again.

Florida which has the highest population had vaccinated all the older people and during that time many young people fell victim to the virus. However, currently, the numbers are low and people gained immunity from the virus for the time being. But as time progresses people`s immunity is waning off which is a great concern for the government. Another important aspect to consider is that many people will be traveling in and out of Florida for their winter holidays which will make it easy for the virus to transfer from one body to another and also spread to different states in the country.

Michigan is seeing an upward climb of 20% of hospitalization cases, however, the death rate is still low compared to the summer peak. Dr. Nick Gilpin from Beaumont Health stated that Metro Detroit is now seeing more cases equivalent to the summer peak. Gilpin stated the situation is going to get worse in winter if people do not put up the masks and maintain social distancing. Another issue that the hospitals are facing is a shortage of staff as the holiday seasons have begun. Many of the hospitals across the countries are running at 20% fewer people and are expected to go down by 40% during Christmas.

Colorado is seeing a 30% rise in the covid cases since last week and an arrangement of booster shots has been requested. Doctors all across the countries have stated that they are seeing the vaccine efficacy waning off from people above the age of 18 as well. Booster shots might be needed for them and the same has been submitted to the center for carrying out an executive order as well.

Many people now believe that at least 3 shots of vaccine are needed in order to be safe from the virus. Pfizer had stated that they have amped up the production of the vaccine in order to meet the required demand. The vaccines are being shipped out to all parts of the country along with the kid’s vaccines as well.

The government has stated that if anyone feels sick, they should consult a doctor or a health care professional and isolate themselves until they feel better so as to break the covid chain from spreading to others.

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