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COVID-19: No More Jibes For Jabs

There was widespread resistance to the Covid-19 vaccines within the United States. Even recently, health workers in the state of Idaho were seen protesting against compulsory vaccination for them to be allowed in their workplaces. 

COVID-19: No More Jibes For Jabs

Many prominent politicians in the United States, including Republicans and even congressmen, had not got themselves vaccinated and had themselves joined in the chorus to avoid vaccination. Now, as cases of new deadlier mutants of Coronavirus are causing cases of infection requiring hospitalization to increase almost three times, many Republicans are having to literally eat their words.

No More Jibes For Jabs

There is even a risk that this implored request from the very same people who stoked fires of non-compliance may fall on deaf ears.

Republicans, the party members of President Joe Biden, have so far got only had 51% of themselves as against 83% of democrats. The GOP Doctors’ Caucasus is a group of 18 prominent medical practitioners. The GOP is the full form of the ‘Grand old Party’ from the early date of its formation in 1854. The Caucasus meeting of 22 July was meant to appeal to the people to overcome their hesitancy towards vaccination and point out that more than 90% of Americans presently affected are those who were not vaccinated.

The Republican Governor of the state of Florida, Ron DeSantis, who had till recently been selling campaign items mocking both vaccination and medical experts, is now pointing out that vaccines are saving lives.

Republican Mitch McConnell has already gone on record for his impassioned plea to Americans to get themselves vaccinated. So far, repeated pleas from the Republican hierarchy seem to have limited impact. An AP NORC poll showed disturbing results. It was found that 53% of the Republicans who had not been vaccinated declared they had no intentions to get that life-saving shot in the arm.

Only 12% of the unvaccinated Republicans were only ‘planning to’. Even GOP pollster Frank Luntz had to admit that there had actually been an adverse effect. It turned out that initial hesitancy for receiving the vaccines has turned into outright refusal. After campaigning against vaccination initially, a lot of effort would now be required to convince fellow Americans  

The reluctance for Americans towards vaccination has been stoked and fuelled by even the past administration under Donald Trump. Trump has defended people not getting vaccinated and blamed the Republicans for not doing enough.

Even the GOP Doctors’ Caucasus on Thursday seemed to have a diverse agenda. More time was spent on blaming China for the Wuhan lab leak theory which has not been verified, rather than focus on getting Americans to come up for vaccination. Some more time was spent on blaming the Democrat administration under the previous presidency for not having pursued the Wuhan lab leak theory enough.

A senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law centre blamed a relentless ‘right-wing machine rhetoric’ to have cascaded to open hostility towards vaccination. Other senior Republicans in important offices do not seem to be very particular. When New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununu was asked if any action was being taken to raise the low level of vaccinations of just 1000 per week, Governor Sununu just replied there were no new initiatives.             

But the need for more Americans to get themselves vaccinated is outweighing the negative campaign and the spreading of fake news. More and more Congressmen and republicans are coming out with novel ways to motivate fellow Americans to come to vaccination centres voluntarily. The Republican from the state of Louisiana Steve Scalise distributed pictures of himself getting a vaccine shot.   

The Republicans have a full term ahead of them. The onus is now upon them to rid their country of the deadly virus. Just blame game and rhetoric will not be enough. 

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