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The Covid Is Now Attacking Kids At A Rapid Rate

The latest report states that more and more kids are getting hospitalized due to the covid 19 Delta variant. Schools that were open this year are considered as one of the prime reasons for the kids to be targeted all over the US.

Dr. Edith Bracho-Sanchez from Columbia University says that this is an extremely concerning situation as the kids are not eligible for vaccination. As per the latest data, 2544 children were admitted to the hospital on Sept 10 which is an all-time high and this comes from the US Department of Health and Human Services.

The Covid Is Now Attacking Kids At A Rapid Rate

On average 320 children are admitted to the hospital every day since last week. CDC says that around 57000 children have been admitted since August 2020 due to covid issue. However, CDC also confirmed that the death rate is quite low less than even 1% in kids and only 520 children have yet died due to the covid.

Among all the admitted children now the new Delta variant is seen which is more dominant than the earlier Alpha strain. There has been an increase of 240% in child admission in the last week of July.

The Covid Is Now Attacking Kids At A Rapid Rate

Earlier the Delta variant was only affected kids with weak immune systems or with some chronic conditions however now doctors are seeing kids with healthy immune systems also to be affected. Even though the death rate is low the symptoms could lead to some other issues and it is hard to care for kids as compared to an adult.

The state has advised all the schools to teach their kids the importance of masking themselves and to maintain social distancing while they are out of their house. The schools are to sanitize their environment daily once the kids are gone so that the kids can have a safe zone the next day. The school teachers and other authorities are to be vaccinated mandatorily and needs to wear mask as well in presence of children.

The doctors had said that in many cases they have seen kids experiencing very mild or no symptom at all for covid 19 but needs to be hospitalized after weeks or months. This condition is called MIS-C (Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in children). CDC says this is rare but has a serious issue wherein certain organs get inflamed like skin, lungs, kidneys, eyes, or even the heart as well. So far 4661 cases for MIS-C have been reported and only 41 deaths had occurred due to this.

Many times this comes when a member of the family is positive and everyone is tested using the PCR test and if the kids are found to be positive but then shows no symptoms, however, the symptoms start after a month when everyone else has got better while the kid’s health gets worse. It has been found that MIS-C is common with kids aged between 8 – 12. Researchers are still trying to figure out why the symptoms are coming this late for certain kids while for some it is almost immediately. This also makes it hard to trace the source of the virus as kids might have come in contact with numerous people in a month’s time.

CDC says the best thing a parent could do is get vaccinated and once back home clean themselves very nicely and always use sanitizers. CDC recommends the parents get their kids tested every week using the PCR test at home. Many of the people are urging the schools to go back online as this will make sure their kids are safe.

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