Covid-19 Is Still Prevailing In The World & Becoming Stronger Day By Day

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 25, 2022

The World Health Organization that revealed the existence of the omicron variant in the world has been suggesting various ways and measures overcome the toughest situation. 

Covid-19 Is Still Prevailing In The World & Becoming Stronger Day By Day

It’s been more than 2 years and the covid 19 virus is still prevailing in the world and becoming stronger day by day. Also, the situation of the United States is also deteriorating with just a few cases less than achieving seven days average daily cases.

Covid-19 Is Still Prevailing In The World & Becoming Stronger Day By Day

WHO asserts that the end game of pandemic is still far if the disparity prevails in the world related to the unequal distribution of the covid 19 vaccines and medical supplies to the poor nations. Sighting the example of South Africa, where the omicron variant was first found, is due to the poor ratio of the vaccine. 

The medical experts are also stating that the conditions are favorable for the mutation of more Covid variants if the citizens in the low-income nations are not treated properly and vaccinated as soon as possible.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the world has witnessed many covid variants such as Alpha, Delta, and Omicron. Each of these covid variants has different characteristics and features. 

The contagiousness, severity, and transmission rate of these Covid variants also differ. The Omicron variant of Covid has identified a few weeks ago. This new Covid variant had a humongous spread and a steep increase in the number of Covid cases in the world. The US has surpassed around 70 million covid 19 cases since the initial case was detected.

Now the infection rate in various countries including the US is witnessing a downward curve. There is a considerable ray of hope that the pandemic will soon end and we will be back to the pre-pandemic era. However, WHO studies are defying the facts presented by medical experts. 

According to the WHO, there have been around 80 million Omicron variant covid cases reported across the world in just 2 months, and look at the speed at which the strain is traveling.

As per the current data of WHO, there has been a significant rise in Covid cases in many parts of the world creating tougher situations for the world leaders to handle further variants that might exist soon after the exit of the omicron.

Though the number of new covid infections is rising, the number of deaths is still under control because the severe level is low and if a person is fully vaccinated then the chances of hospitalization and death also reduce significantly.

But it is too early to assume that Covid 19 will end this year. The world may see the emergence of new Covid variants if an effective medical system is not created for the poor nations. we need to develop these countries if we wish to safeguard our citizens. 

However, if the world uses the strategies recommended by WHO then, there is a high possibility of averting the pandemic at a global level.

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