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More Than 40 % COVID-19 Rise In Three States

Though Coronavirus has been rising in every state across America it was noted that a few states contributed to the surge more. It was noted that states that had lower vaccination rates have many new cases. Jeff Zients, white house coronavirus coordinator says that just three states Florida, Texas, and Missouri who are lower vaccination rates have the highest cases.

More Than 40 % COVID-19 Rise In Three States

In a second week in a row Florid alone has one in five cases reported. These are majorly unvaccinated people. According to Hohns Hopkins University, there is a 55 percent increase over the previous week. CDC said about 43.1% of the Texas population is fully vaccinated.

More Than 40 % COVID-19 Rise In Three States

Young people getting affected – A huge wakeup call

For younger Americans who are feeling the impact of COVID health experts believe this could be a bigger concern. Dr.Jeane Marazzo says it’s really saddening to see ICUs getting filled with young kids. Alabama being lowest in vaccination rates in the country the cases would spurge like wildfire. Publishing the exact data of affected young adults would inspire young adults to get vaccinated.

CDC predicts that hospitalizations will likely increase rapidly in the coming weeks. Ironically vaccination rates are down to the lowest. States like Alabama have only 33% of vaccination rates. Doctors like Dr.Micheal Bolding have been publicly issuing pleas on social media to motivate and urge residents of Arkansas to get vaccinated.

A doctor in Alabama said one of her patients begged for vaccination when she was already on her death bed. It was too late then. Dr. Brytney Cobia of the medical center said in one of her Facebook posts that the best way to honor the departed because of COVID is to get vaccinated.

Delta variant and Unvaccinated 

Health officials are of collective opinion that delta variant is more transmissible. Doctor Rochelle Walensky says it is one of the most infectious respiratory viruses that she has seen in her 20 years of career. Thankfully the clinical trials of vaccines have shown to be effective against delta variants too. In those regions where delta variant spread is more and vaccination rate is less a high number of COVID cases is expected. Delta variant is particularly predominant in Midwest. Many states lag in vaccination rates.

Though Vaccines are strong, “stay masked”

The rapid increase in the spread of the virus has made many reconsider bringing back strict mask policies. Hospitalizations have increased up to 53% compared to last month and death rates have topped up to 19%. It should be noted that around 97% of these health complications are reported by unvaccinated.  Though vaccinations are a shield against viruses the rate of vaccination is still slow. Masks are the best where vaccination levels remain low. Masking, hand washing, and physical distance help everyone to curb the spread of pandemics.

The Government would be providing resources to boost up the vaccination rates especially in rural clinics. The FDA has been working on vaccination approval for children. In North Carolina, FEMA will be deploying mobile clinics for vaccination. 

Should booster shots be considered?

Countries like UAE, Bahrain, and Thailand have been considering booster shots. Though in the future we may need a booster shot right now there is no enough data to conclude we need them now. If booster shots are declared as needed without proper study and trials it will cause chaos. Those in need of a first or second dose of vaccine may be deprived of vaccination. 

The third wave of COVID is already expected but health officials believe that if we increase vaccination rates the severity of the third wave of COVID may be curbed.

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