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Pfizer’s Covid Shots 91% Effective Against Symptomatic Infections In Kids

The two-dose regimen of Pfizer’s COVID 19 vaccine is almost 91% effective in preventing symptomatic infections in kids. And it does not cause any unexpected safety concerns, FDA says.

The comment comes as part of the agency’s review that is posted in the latter part of Friday. It analyzed all the pediatric models the company submitted. The vaccine is safe, effective and its benefits outweigh any risk it may cause.

Pfizer’s Covid Shots 91% Effective Against Symptomatic Infections In Kids

The agency plans to administer it to more than 28000000 children aged 5-11.

The next week, FDA will seek recommendation from an independent advisory panel. The meeting will happen on Tuesday. FDA will take a final call upon receiving the panel’s advice in the matter.

Pfizer’s Covid Shots 91% Effective Against Symptomatic Infections In Kids

If the CDC agrees with FDA’s decision, it will come up with more guidance on administering Pfizer’s vaccine to children below 12. This implies that the administration of COVID 19 shots for elementary school children will begin by the first week of November.

Children above 12 are already eligible to receive Pfizer’s two-dose vaccine. Adding kids to the list will curtail a rare type of symptomatic infection. It will also curb the transmission of the virus in general. Children in this age range are generally considered carriers of new infections.

The data Pfizer submitted after the trial of its vaccines in children was gathered in the time period of August-September. During that time, the Delta variant was causing a surge of infections in the country. The two-dose regimen vaccination for children could prevent nine out of ten symptomatic infections in children. Even the side effects too appeared not to surprise anyone. Those were limited to fever, sore arm, body ache, and headache. They are also short-lived.

The agency, however, observed that the population of the study was quite small. And it was not sufficient enough to evaluate the risk of certain rare complications like myocarditis. It is a type of rare heart inflammation that happens to adults after receiving the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

FDA evaluated four different scenarios of the vaccination. In all instances, the vaccines prevented more hospitalizations than the ones caused by their complications. According to the agency, COVID 19 generally does not make children severely ill.

As per the data American Academy of Pediatrics recently released, the virus-infected almost 6.2 million children until now. 630 children under 18 succumbed to the virus.

The Biden administration has stocked a sufficient number of doses of kids-size doses of the Pfizer vaccine. They are kept in orange-capped vials to differentiate them from those for the adults.

Here are answers for all your concerns as you prepare to vaccinate your child:

  • COVID 19 vaccine for children is safe. It is manufactured in the safest environment. And it goes through several stages of quality analysis before being authorized.
  • Children require a second dose of the vaccine within 21 days after receiving the first dose.
  • No COVID 19 vaccines carry the virus.
  • Children and adolescents receive the same dose of the Pfizer vaccine. There exists no dose-variation based on the patient’s bodyweight.
  • Your child may receive other vaccines along with that of COVID 19. There is no waiting period between vaccines.

Preparing your child for vaccination

  • Let your child know about the vaccine. Let him know what he should expect after each session with the doctor.
  • Inform the pediatrician if your child has any allergy
  • Encourage your child when visiting the hospital.
  • See to it that your child is lying down for 15 minutes after receiving the shot. Doing this prevents mishaps that may happen because of fainting.

Let your child stay safe; let him get vaccinated at the earliest opportunity.

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