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Another COVID 19 Surge Unlikely, But The Disease to Stay With Us For Long, Says FDA

Another surge in coronavirus infection is unlikely to happen in the US. They cite large-scale vaccination drive and the natural immunity those infected have acquired as reasons.

Another COVID 19 Surge Unlikely, But The Disease to Stay With Us For Long, Says FDA

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), at least 55% of the country’s population has one or the other form of protection against COVID 19. There is sufficient stock of the vaccine. And another surge is not going to happen.

Another COVID 19 Surge Unlikely, But The Disease to Stay With Us For Long, Says FDA

More than 81000000 people have had at least one dose of the COVID 19 vaccine.  The number is climbing up with every passing day. Furthermore, almost 30000000 people had tested positive for the disease. Most of them have now recovered. Hundreds and thousands of others may have had the disease without displaying any symptoms. And they may have acquired some form of protection against the infection. Even then, the country will continue to see infections and deaths. This, according to experts, will happen because of the new and more contagious virus. It was detected first in the UK. At present, it is spreading at a fast pace in the US.

Certain health officials observe that there would be a plateauing effect before the numbers start declining. They cite the fast pace at which the new virus variant spread and the untimely withdrawal of COVID 19 restrictions. The country is letting off its guard too soon. The new virus that is spreading in the country may even change the trajectory. The only thing that can be of help is acquired or vaccine-induced immunity that can fight off emerging variants or mutations of the virus. There are reports of people getting re-infected even after the vaccination. These observations have come at a stage when the number of COVID 19 cases remains stagnant for one week. There are 50000 infections a day for one week. 

Other experts, in the meantime, warn of another surge. The country is striving to vaccinate as many of its people as possible and outsmart the coronavirus’s emerging variants. And it is waiting with bated breaths to see who wins.

Almost one in every four Americans has received at least one dose of the vaccine. And more than 13% of the population is now fully vaccinated. What it needs today is utmost safety, experts say. If the country can hang on for six more weeks, it can make a great change.

Unfortunately, the beach-goers and spring breakers are throwing caution to the wind. Air travel has now has reached its peak during the season.

Authorities had to declare a state of emergency on Miami Beach when they found themselves unable to handle the swelling crowd. More than 12 States have relaxed restrictions. Some of them even have completely lifted the mask requirement. 

Michigan, for instance, is one among such States. The governor there relaxed many restrictions in the first weeks of the month. Health authorities, however, warn that the State is on the brink of another surge. The vaccination drive is going at a fast pace. Most of the people there wear masks. Still, they feel that the State is not in the right direction. The number of COVID 19 cases is on the rise. From February, the State is now seeing a 77% increase. The number of people getting tested positive for the disease is on the rise. The number of hospitalizations, too, is increasing accordingly. And this is definitely a matter of great concern.

As per the latest report from the CDC, over 44000000 people are now fully vaccinated. Still, the country has to go a long way to reach that magical number of “herd immunity.”

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