Covid Symptoms Are More Among E-cigarette Users

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 17, 2022

One of the most affected organs in the body due to coronavirus is the lungs. In this regard, it is obvious that people who smoke are more vulnerable than others who don’t catch the infection.

Covid Symptoms Are More Among E-cigarette Users

The latest study conducted among e-cigarette users has confirmed this as the results showed that people who used vaping devices experienced more symptoms than others when infected.

Covid Symptoms Are More Among E-cigarette Users

Some of the common symptoms of Covid 19 noticed among e-cigarette users include muscle pain, nausea, chest pain, and headache. When participants who vaped and smoked tobacco were infected with Covid 19, they had severe complications and needed critical care in many cases.

The study compared the symptoms of Covid infection among vapers and others who did not vape. The common symptoms experienced by other people were more exaggerated in vapers. While about 300 vapers were interviewed as part of the study, the results were compared with more than 1400 people who did not vape. People from different age groups, gender, and ethnicity were considered for the study.

It was clear that the symptoms were more in those people who used vaping devices. There are many reasons for this, and experts have pointed out that vaping affects the lungs in many ways. It causes inflammation that is usually not noticeable but comes into the picture when the person is affected with Covid 19.

The disturbing trend regarding vaping is that many youngsters and even school students have taken it as a fashion trend. While youngsters do not prefer using conventional cigarettes, vaping devices have become more trendy. This can have a lot of negative effects in the long run as the complete disadvantages of using e-cigarettes are not known to scientists. As vaping devices are relatively new in the market, studies have to be done for several years to assess the complete risk associated with using such devices.

Even though it is not proved that vapers are more prone to catching the infection, it is established that such people experience severe symptoms when they are infected with Covid 19. The problem with vaping is that it causes mild inflammation on a regular basis to the lungs.

When such people are infected with Covid 19, the inflammation gets exaggerated as coronavirus also causes lung inflammation. In this way, the patients experience extreme symptoms and may also need hospitalization.

Health experts are clear about this, and they want e-cigarette users to cut down on using them during the pandemic situation. Even though vaping is not much of a health concern among youngsters in normal circumstances, it is not the same in a pandemic situation.

The risk further increases when vapers are not vaccinated as they are more prone to getting infected. For this reason, youngsters and elders who vape should exercise caution and slow down on vaping to avoid extreme outcomes during covid infection.

When experiments were conducted on mice in this regard, it became evident that vaping increased the susceptibility to catching the covid infection. The same is likely to happen with humans, and vapers need to be very careful about choosing suitable products.

As the effect of vaping depends on the liquid used in vaping devices, it can sometimes become stronger than the usual cigarettes available in the market. For this reason, vapers should preferably stay away from such activities to avoid inflammation in the lungs.

Apart from that, it is also important to get both doses of vaccines, and vapers should be more cautious about this situation. In this way, they can improve the immunity in the body and stay protected even during an infection.

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