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COVID Vaccination for Pregnant Women Recommended Owing To Increased Hospitalisations

COVID Vaccination for Pregnant Women Recommended Owing To Increased Hospitalisations. The data showed that out of 171 pregnant women who were hospitalized with symptoms of COVID 98% of them were not vaccinated. Health officials are urging that expectant mothers should get vaccinated as soon as possible. The evidence suggests that new delta variant causes greater risk to pregnant ladies. Chief Midwifery officer in England Jacqueline Dunkley bent said that vaccination save lives and to keep yourself and your baby safe and stay out of hospital vaccination is the best solution. Though previously less number of pregnant women was affected by COVID the recent Delta variant has spread to expectant mothers too. Now they are at high risk and infection could cause complications such as preterm and still births. A study performed by UKOSS that is UK obstetric surveillance system showed that pregnancy complications cases from almost 194 hospitals.

COVID Vaccination for Pregnant Women Recommended Owing To Increased Hospitalisations

Since March 2020 a total number of 3371 women were admitted to hospital with COVID symptoms. The complications and severity of health was found to be getting consistently worse with each wave of pandemic. Around 24% of people who were admitted during first wave had moderate disease when compared with patients of second wave. 36% of people who got affected in second wave required respiratory support and reported pneumonia. Now pregnant women are reporting pneumonia. In previous 3 months one out of 3 pregnant women has developed respiratory complications and was needed to go on respiratory support. Marian Knight, a professor at University of oxford who was leading the study said that pregnant women are getting a higher dose of virus or it may be because of virus behaving different. These women need ultimate care.

COVID Vaccination for Pregnant Women Recommended Owing To Increased Hospitalisations

Those pregnant women affected with virus went on to give birth to premature babies. The cases of caesarean also have increased. Looking at this Dunkley Bent has openly urged to encourage pregnant women to get vaccinated. The JCVI, Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation has suggested that pregnant ladies should be vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna Vaccinations.

New survey that was conducted reported that 37% of were scared to even come out of the house. Many limited their social presence. The negative rumours on vaccination are one of the contributors. The RCOG, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and Royal Midwives have suggested vaccination as the best defence for pregnant women.

Vaccination is a personal choice

 No one can force you into getting vaccinated. Having conversation with your doctor will be advisable.

Some of the queries you can discuss with doctor are

  • Risks of COVID to baby in womb
  • Known side effects of Vaccination
  • Vaccination and its effectiveness.

Pregnant and ready to get vaccinated – Things to know

There will be mild side after effects of vaccination. The studies have shown data that pregnant women have shown the same set of side effects like non pregnant ladies. A mild fever if experienced consulting your doctor before taking any medicine would be the best. If you are allergic to injections talk to your health care provider before vaccination.

Fully Vaccinated

If you are fully vaccinated you can resume activities you have stopped because of pandemic. Though there are breakthrough cases where in fully vaccinated also have been infected the severity of illness would be very low. You are considered fully vaccinated only if you have completed 2 weeks after the second dose of            vaccine. Though you are safe it is better advised to stay masked outdoors even if you are fully vaccinated because there is not enough data on delta variant.    

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