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Some Believe That The COVID Vaccination Is The Mark Of The Beast.’ Others Disagree

The COVID-19 vaccination has been scientifically shown to be effective in preventing death. However, for a small number of individuals in the religious community, there is a more vital issue at stake: their eternal salvation.

In recent weeks, the reason for many Americans’ opposition to the COVID-19 vaccination has come into sharp focus as the delta variant’s distribution has continued.

Some Believe That The COVID Vaccination Is The Mark Of The Beast.’ Others Disagree. Is There A Link Between This And The Bible?

Even while the reasons for vaccination resistance vary, with some claiming concerns about long-term adverse effects while others cite a lack of confidence in the medical profession, one notion that has energized some vaccination resisters is the belief that the injection is a “mark of a beast.

Some Believe That The COVID Vaccination Is The Mark Of The Beast.' Others Disagree

“The “mark of the beast,” as mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the New Testament, signifies loyalty to Satan and those who repudiate God’s memorial of creation as the source of all power.

What does the text in Revelation say about the “mark of the beast”?

The biblical phrase for the end of the world originates from Revelation 13:16-18. New Global Version Bible says the apostle John describes an eschatological pair of animals that would rule the world with brutality, according to the Bible’s translation.

Their nefarious reach, which may be understood as covert manipulation, will necessitate the wearing of the mark of a beast by everyone who is involved in a commercial transaction. This same apostle John did not specify what the mark looked like, but some theologians have translated scripture to allude to the number “666” as being connected with it, although this has not been confirmed.

Pastor Darin Wood of The First Baptist Church in Midland, Texas, published an op-ed for Midland Reporter-Telegram in August in which he stated: “One of my church family members asked an easy query: ‘Pastor, is indeed the COVID vaccination the mark of the beast?’ According to what I’ve heard, it is.

Evans said that a lack of trust in government and the medical community is a driving factor behind the “mark of a beast” belief system. Evans believes that the prevalence of the “mark of the beast” is a result of people’s attachment to a certain political or social identity. From Evans’ research, it seems that a majority of those who believe in the “mark of a beast” are conservative in their political views as well as belonging to a protestant Christian religious tradition.

Nurse Nicole Williams, who works as a traveling intensive care unit (ICU) nurse, says she has seen the phrase “mark of the beast” used as an excuse for not being vaccinated several times in her career. She described the most recent COVID-19 outbreak as “hell,” with a large number of younger individuals dying as a result.

She explained that the vaccination is not a “miracle injection” that would heal everyone but rather one of many weapons in the battle against the infection. As a matter of fact, ER doctor Stephen Smith of Hennepin Healthcare said that he hasn’t seen anybody claim that they are afraid of the “mark of the beast,” but has heard a few other absurd reasons for avoiding getting the vaccine.

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