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Covid Vaccine Booster Shots Have Come! Are You Eligible To Receive One?

Over 47000000 Americans have received the Pfizer COVID 19 vaccine shots. After six months of receiving their second shot, they are eligible to receive a booster dose from Friday.

There are 39.1 people who received the Moderna vaccine shots. They became eligible for its booster shot after six months of receiving the second dose of their Moderna COVID 19 vaccine regimen.

Covid Vaccine Booster Shots Have Come! Are You Eligible To Receive One?

For the Johnson & Johnson single-shot vaccine, CDC decided to adopt a different strategy. The agency made up to 13000000 people who received the shot instantly eligible for its second or booster dose.

On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention gave its final nod for booster shots of Johnson & Johnson and Moderna COVID 19 vaccines.

Covid Vaccine Booster Shots Have Come! Are You Eligible To Receive One?

This made almost 100000000 people immediately eligible to receive their additional dose of vaccination. The agency also allowed the mixing and matching of different vaccine doses. This, they did, after a study in this regard by the National Institutes of Health found it to be effective and safe. This allows you to go for a different booster shot from the one you received earlier. The additional doses of Pfizer and BioNTech were already given approval on September 24th.

Almost 11.6 million people have already received booster shots in the country. And the CDC’s decision to approve the booster shots of J&J and Moderna makes millions more eligible for the extra dose. But you should understand that the booster shots are not open to everyone fully vaccinated. Here is more information on the matter.

Pfizer-BioNTech booster doses

Over 47000000 Pfizer-vaccine recipients have become eligible for its booster shot after six months of receiving their second dose, as per the data CDC presented before its advisory panel. The list includes the following groups of people:

  • Those in the age range of 18-64, who has a pre-existing health condition that increase their likelihood of fatal complications from COVID 19
  • Everyone 65 and above
  • Everyone 18 or above working in a high-risk setting like correctional facilities, grocery stores and similar environments
  • Frontline workers whose work puts them at risk of COVID 19 like healthcare professionals or first responders.

Booster shots of Moderna

Over 39.1 million people who received the Moderna vaccine’s two-dose regimen became eligible to get its extra dose after six months of receiving their second dose. Its eligibility criteria are similar to that of Pfizer. Both companies use the same mRNA technology:

  • All adults 18-64 suffering from cancer or any other disease that puts them at higher risk of severe infection.
  • Everyone aged 18 or above working in high-risk settings like long-term care facilities and grocery stores.
  • Frontline workers, everyone 18 and older like first responders.

The additional dose from Johnson & Johnson

CDC has adopted a slightly different strategy when determining the eligibility criteria for J&J booster shots. Almost 13000000 J&J recipients are now eligible to receive their booster shots after two months of receiving their first shot. The interval between the second and third dose for Pfizer and Moderna is six months. Know that all those who received the J&J shots are eligible for its booster dose even when you don’t have a pre-existing health condition.

CDC has also authorized the mixing and matching of vaccines. Health officials, however, recommend that you stick to your primary shot if it works well. The most reliable source of information here is your healthcare provider. Let the professional evaluate your health condition and recommend a booster shot accordingly.

All the vaccines authorized in the US; those of Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson are effective and safe by themselves.

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