Covid Vaccine – A Mandatory Norm For Health Care Workers

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 31, 2022

Vaccination is an effective measurement or strategy that can be taken to prevent infectious and contagious diseases. Getting vaccinated will reduce the risk of being affected by a virus and give a boost to the immune system to fight against the disease. 

Covid Vaccine – A Mandatory Norm For Health Care Workers

Statistics show that at least 800,000 Americans have been killed in this pandemic which is worse than influenza. 

Covid Vaccine – A Mandatory Norm For Health Care Workers

The Supreme Court has agreed to Biden’s request for the mandate for making covid vaccination obligatory for healthcare workers at facilities receiving federal funding.

After much thought, the President of America has said he would make vaccination compulsory. He said that this mandate would affect about 10 million people working at healthcare facilities and will also “save lives”.

This vaccination mandate was approved by 2 conservatives, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanagh in 4 – 5 votes and liberals. Some of the states in the country have vaccination mandates of their own for the healthcare workers.

The President faced many political and legal challenges in regard to the mandate. He has constantly pleaded with a number of states to make the vaccination mandatory for all the employees, especially health care workers as they are more prone to the disease.

Healthcare workers are at a greater risk of contracting the disease than the general public as they deal with patients on a regular basis. This means that the disease can spread on a large scale from patients to healthcare workers and vice versa.

If the healthcare workers get affected by it, that would mean a shortage of staff, which would be a bigger problem. The most sensible solution to such a problem would be to get all the healthcare workers vaccinated.

The Biden Administration has full support and back-up of the Supreme Court for the mandate. It has the potential to affect at least 10 million health care workers in about 76,000 facilities and home health care providers across the country.

Some of the states in the US have sued against the mandate, but the administration opposes the idea that vaccination can save hundreds of lives every day. Hospitals are trying their best to encourage patients to get immunization voluntarily. Specific measures are taken to make getting vaccinated as convenient as possible and minimize vaccination avoidance.

The University Hospitals and Cleveland Clinic of Cleveland, Ohio, have made it compulsory for its employees to get vaccinated to comply with the federal government’s mandate.

Some nursing homes have encouraged voluntary vaccination by providing specific financial incentives like lotteries or giveaways. 

The vaccine mandate by the Biden administration has witnessed mixed responses from the public. As many comprehend and appreciate, this measure does have the potential to save many people’s lives. As President Biden said in a statement, it will save the lives of millions of patients as well as the workers.

This mandate issued by the Federal Government will be the most extensive use of power to curb the covid cases across the states in the US. But many remain opposed to the idea of getting vaccinated. The healthcare systems are now going to face new challenges of possible resistance and shortage of staff, especially in states that have banned the vaccination mandate.

However, what is most important is for everyone to stick together and help solve this much bigger crisis than anyone. It is not the vaccine that will end the pandemic; instead, it’s the vaccination. The more people get interested in getting vaccinated on time, the faster this pandemic will be over.

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