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Covid Vaccine Still Perceived Risk Among The Unvaccinated Populace; A Highlight Of The Latest Survey

A new study has been published that shows that almost half of Americans, who are still not vaccinated consider the vaccine to be a greater risk than the virus itself.

Such a contrary picture came to the forefront despite the massive success of the vaccine in containing almost all the variants of the virus and causing much milder sickness among the vaccinated people.

Besides, it was also highlighted in the survey carried out by Kaiser Family Foundation that social media have over-hyped the severity of the pandemic.

Covid Vaccine Still Perceived Risk Among The Unvaccinated Populace; A Highlight Of The Latest Survey

The findings of the survey:

The survey was carried out between 15th July and 27th July among 1500 adults in the US, in this part of the survey a slight change was observed in the attitude of those who were most hesitant to get the vaccine.

Almost 14% of the surveyed individual said that they will surely not get vaccinated, which is almost the same proportion of adults as that of the survey in previous December.

Covid Vaccine Still Perceived Risk Among The Unvaccinated Populace; A Highlight Of The Latest Survey

According to the reports of the Kaiser Family Foundation, 75% of the individuals who said they will not get vaccinated also believe that the pandemic was overhyped by the media.

The ambiguity in the implementation of the mask mandate can be attributed to such largescale differences in opinion among people regarding the pandemic.

Despite the evidence that vaccines are extremely powerful in preventing serious illness or casualty caused by the virus, only 23% of individuals believe in the effectiveness of the vaccines.

About 53% of the adults who are not yet vaccinated believe that vaccines pose some risks to their health which is bigger than the virus itself.

Whereas, 88% of the vaccinated individuals said that getting infected with the virus is a bigger health risk compared to the minor side effects of the vaccine.

Impact of the delta variant on the general populace:

Owing to the rapid spread of the delta variant of the virus, the majority of the vaccinated individuals have expressed their inclination to avoid large gatherings and crowded indoor settings while following the mask mandate.

The survey has highlighted that 53% of the vaccinated adults wear a mask in indoor setups or in grocery stores, a number that is slightly less compared to the unvaccinated.

Only 43% of the unvaccinated individuals agreed to adhere to such mask mandates.

According to Drew Altman, the CEO and President of the KFF, those who are still reluctant to get immunized or follow the safety protocols can only be prompted by the sight of their dear ones falling sick to the virus and the hospital filing up again with covid patients.

The survey report implies that the hesitancy regarding vaccines and wearing masks is encouraged by the Republicans.

A majority of the Republicans refuse to wear a mask at work, outdoors, or in grocery stores.

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The ray of hope:

However a small portion of the unvaccinated populace, almost 8% expressed their willingness to get the shots in the future, likely by the end of the year.

Almost 10% of the unvaccinated people said they would like to wait and see the effect of the vaccine on others before getting inoculated themselves.

Whereas only 3% have said that they will get immunized only if it is required, which is a lower number compared to 6% recorded in June.

Two ways about the federal vaccine mandate on employees:

The survey has found that people are holding different opinions on whether the federal government should require their employees to get vaccinated.

Half of the participants of the survey said that the federal government should get their staff to vaccinate those who lack the support of medical insurance.

A vaccine mandate for the employees is supported by a quarter of the Democrats whereas, the idea is opposed by two-third of the Republicans.

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